PSP to act as Virtual PS3: E-distribution and PS3-PSP connectivity details come into more light

In an interview with Japan's Nikkei BP, Sony Computer Entertainment corporate executive Izumi Kawanishi, who heads up software platform development at the company, shared some unique visions Sony has for the PSP platform in relation to the PlayStation 3.

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CAPS LOCK5022d ago

i like the pic too, but i smell another firmware update for the psp and i like homebrew so i wont upgrade it yet.

Shadow Flare5022d ago

Cannot wait for that psone emulation man. Im gonna be playing Final Fantasy VII on my way to work every day

timmyp535022d ago

in school (don't want to take my hdtv to school) lol

kingboy5021d ago

connecting with ur psp onto the ps3 outta home would be great.Especially at work .

Phil Harrison5021d ago

having two jobs just to make up for the cost of the PS3, you can play it whilst at work! Revoloutionary!

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The story is too old to be commented.