PS3 vs 360 vs Wii: One year later: Console Wars Rage On

The console wars are in full swing. There has been a lot of argument about the Wii and if this is a fad, or if it will triumph over all other consoles. If the Wii wins the top dog spot, who is going to be second? It has been almost one year since the release of Playstation 3 and Wii while the Xbox 360 has been released for two years. Let's see how they stack up against one another.

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Bloodmask4001d ago

quote: "PS3- This system is the outright powerhouse of the next-gen consoles. The PS3 comes with the cell microprocessor with "nine cores".

First of all the PS3 has "one" core not nine. The 360 has 3. They don't even have multicore PCs out yet that have 9 cores that I am aware of.

DJ4001d ago

7 of which are available to Developers. Xbox 360 has 3 cores on its CPU. This information is over two years old; get your facts straight.

xplosneer4001d ago

Actually it's 6, there are originally 8, but one is there to increase factory production margins, and the other is reserved for the OS. The remaining 6 are available.

mesh14001d ago

TBH i thought the console war was already Over as the 360 is the no.1 nextgen platform last year and this year if we are jugde from what on what gaming console are actually meant to do that is have great games that are availabe for the consumers as the 360 did,not bashing sony ps3 as i think its a great gaming machine butthis gen i think we have to say we are now 2 years into th enest gen console gaming and not many years left and we can never dicount the games that have come out for the 360 on its 1st day of release till this day of my post s a large magority of those games are spectacular for a year th eps3 gets great games and the 360 continues with the collection of great games .

Lionsguard4000d ago

So with your logic WW2 ended within the first year when Nazi Germany dominated Europe? The 360 is 2 years into it's next gen, The PS3 and Wii are in it's first. The war doesn't end until their next reincarnation is released.

forum_crawler4000d ago

The wii isn't even a year old and it already has a larger install base. Looks to me like it is ahead...

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0LDSCH00L4001d ago

quote: "the system has the best graphics out of any system" ROFL!!!

"Fill rate is one of the primary ways to measure graphics performance - in essence, it's a number describing how many pixel operations you can perform. The fill rate on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360, meaning that games either have to run at lower resolution or use simpler shader effects to achieve the same performance. Additionally, the shader processing on the ps3 is significantly slower than on the 360, which means that a normal map takes more fill rate to draw on the ps3 than it does on the 360. And I'm not talking about small differences here, we're talking roughly half the pixel pushing power."
-Ex-Harmonix develpoer Jason Booth

0LDSCH00L4001d ago

quote: "PS3- This system is the outright powerhouse of the next-gen consoles"

"In theory, sure, but in reality it doesn't work out that way. Game code simply doesn't split well across multiple processors. You can probably find a way to split a few things off fairly easily - put the audio on one processor, animation on another; but generally the breakup is always going to leave several of the SPUs idle or underutilized. On top of that, it's usually not CPU speed that restricts the visuals in games - it's fill rate."

-Ex-Harmonix developer Jason Booth

0LDSCH00L4001d ago

"So, the common theme is this; developers must spend significantly more time and resources getting the PS3 to do what the 360 can already do easily and with a lot less code. Lets look at how this translates into practical realities for a moment:

Why the PS3 version often pails in comparison to the 360 version, and why exclusives often suck:

As outlined above, getting equivalent performance out of the PS3 requires a lot of work unique to the platform, and in many cases, even with all these tricks, you still won't see equivalent performance. Thus, many ps3 games have simplified shaders and run at lower native resolutions than the 360 versions. On top of this, there is shrinking incentive to do this work; the PS3 isn't selling.

The code needed to make the PS3 work is most likely only useful to you on the PS3, as the types of tricks you need to do to make the thing perform are very unique to the platform and unlikely to be useful on any other architecture now or in the future. These issues all stem from unbalanced hardware design, and any future hardware that is this unbalanced will likely be unbalanced in a completely unique way."

Ex-Harmonix developer Jason Booth

HarryEtTubMan4001d ago

yea right. Loser. Ps3 wins.

xplosneer4001d ago

just wants everyone to have a PC. Correct?....
BTW, EX...

ShadoWulf4000d ago

I think it sounds like this guy knows what he's talking about. Regardless, though, the PS3 is a very powerful and capable machine.

snoopgg4000d ago

Call of duty 4, Killzone 2,Warhawk, Unreal, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid, Drakes Fortune, Granturismo, Heavenly Sword, and many more titles on the ps3 look so freekin unblievable, right? If the ps3 is using less on shader effects and lower resolutions then I want all these games cause this is the way to program brother. Say what you want about the ps3, but this thing can produce graphics that wont dissappoint. By the way, the wii is a graphical powerhouse too right!!!!!!!!! Ha HA Ha

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Real gamer 4 life4001d ago

lol I mean in the raphical part you can argue with the guy. Look at rachet and clank. The New York times praised it because it was soo graphical game, and they said that it look like it game straight out of a pixar movie. so everyting that jason booth said X developer for harmonix is wrong. i dont belive him.

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