$399 40GB PS3 Already Sold Out @ CompUSA

The new $399 40GB PS3 is already sold out online and not available in stores at CompUsa according to the website. Upon making a call to 1-800-Compusa the representative stated that they expect more stock back within 2 weeks.

It will be interesting to see it this trend continues at other retailers this holiday season.

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IdontTakeSides4868d ago

This is just the begining....

Makroyale4868d ago

When Amazon sells out... Then it'll mean something.

wageslave4868d ago

Fake: (0 minutes ago)
This is not a news story. Total invented conclusions on the part of the submitter. Perhaps they DIDNT HAVE ANY STOCK to begin with.

Total Fanboy BS

ruibing4868d ago

You say that it is fake as if it was fact and then you suggest that it may never in stock in the first place. I just want to ask where your proof comes from? If you wanted people to actually pay heed to what you are going to say, at least say something like "there could be another reason for this" instead of just dumbing it down and saying it is fan based bs.

smirx4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Amazon already sold out once last week... give it time for the second sellout. As for me I went to WalMart this morning at 6AM before work to get mine. The guy said he had just put it in the lock-case before I asked him to pull it out again. Surprisingly I was the only one there for PS3, but i bet their sold out by now....

P.S. I'm supposed to be at work right now butI 've taken a 3 hour lunch to play with my new PS3 ;-D

C_SoL4868d ago

TAKE 1.3's bubbles.....hes just an another fanboy....

The Brave 14868d ago

Its what Ive been saying all along.Its not a matter of if but when

MADGameR4868d ago

Thats a big hurt to MS! If you think this is big, wait til 2008! PS3 will ROLL OUT!!

lawman11084868d ago

Why would you buy a game system at Comp USA?

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jackfatal4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

ps3 taking over in NA and killing 360! we will see how much it will sell this month with ratchet and clank and uncharted!
i bet both ps3 and 360 will sell almost the same!!

360 strongest trump cards are all out except for mass effect!!
so now 360 sale is at its peek!! from next year 360 sale will go down by much!! they are in trouble!!

unlimited4868d ago

Yeah Uncharted Drakes Fortune and Ratchet is 2 big exclusive games for the PS3. I won't forget Unreal Tournament 3 which is time exclusive but i have a feeling it wont make it out this DEC i hope it will!!! But Time Crisis 4, and Haze for the PS3 can push up sales. A lot of people been waiting for a price drop. The 360 all the great games is out already a lot of people already have one and the price was right. I see PS3 taking it this holiday.

lawman11084868d ago

Your 4 games that you have to play? I have the PS3 and there ARE NO GAMES. RFOM,Warhawk(is ok) and to be honest I dont care for some kid game like R&C so THAT's it. I have a Blue ray player I guess.

kss4868d ago

can you feel it, can you smell it the time is here. let the games begin.

drtysouf214868d ago

Remains to be seen but i think it is.

I think the whole reason that the $99 HD DVD player sale for friday only was to try to counter the release of the $399 PS3.

This will be one interesting holiday season.

Bonsai12144868d ago

hmm, actually most believe it was to counter the release of cars, ratatouille and w/e other pixar movie is coming out next week. (maybe pirates? not sure. yes i know its not a pixar movie)

though i expect with the price drop + bigger and better titles hitting this fall, ps3 sales will increase dramatically.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

PS3 fanboys are seriously uneducated. You guys spit out random crap to make yourselves feel better.

"I think the whole reason that the $99 HD DVD player sale for friday only was to try to counter the release of the $399 PS3."

The movie industry and gaming industry are two totally DIFFERENT markets. Do you honestly think that the only people going after movie players are gamers??? Do you really think if that was the case that toshiba would try to offer a device instead of the PS3 that doesn't freaking play games?

Seriously...go back to school. Bring on the disagrees baby!

jackdoe4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

This isn't really news, just a link to a website that says that they are out of stock.

-edit- Holy crap got three disagrees for pointing out this fact. Sigh. If you disagree say why.

-edit2- Goddamnit. Two more disagrees with no responses as to why they disagree. Jeez.

-edit3- As I went to edit my comment, another disagree and no reply. Please say why you disagree with my mere fact that this is a link to a freaking website and not a link to a news article. Why?

-edit 4- Now 8 disagrees and counting. Will someone please tell me why they disagree? A civil little discussion would be welcome here.

b777conehead4868d ago

to jack doe .this is news.because news like this show the new sku is selling tells the devs more install base to dev new games for the ps3. so yes it is new weather you like what it says are not.

jackdoe4868d ago

I thought that this site doesn't make news articles but links to news articles. And I never said I didn't like what it said. I just wanted to try to preserve at least some credibility in this site. But as I can see from all the Xbox/PS3 bashing articles constantly posted on N4G, that is never gonna happen.

Heaven_Or_Hell4868d ago

disagree cuz, it's a news when a console come in "out of stock" it's meen it's selling

jackdoe4868d ago

But it isn't a news article. You are just linking to a store website.

IdontTakeSides4868d ago

haha I think they took it as ur raining on there parade ..this is news....for us PS3 had me laughing with all those edits..HAHA

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