Manhunt 2 hack, the next 'Hot Coffee'?

From lawsuits to financial trouble, game developer Rockstar has received more media scrutiny in the last 5 years than any other game publisher on the planet.

Much of the scrutiny has been well deserved, as the company continues to make questionable business decisions that put them in the hot seat time and time again.

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mighty_douche4868d ago

stick an 18 sticker on the box and whats the problem?

im willing to give my adress and name or have to register online or whatever. this game is no more likey to make smash a hammer in someones head as the movie saw.

surely IM the one to deside if its to violent for me or not?

kornbeaner4868d ago

The fix is quite easy. There are a few 7-11 eleven stores by my house that require the cashier to swipe a customers DL or ID in order to buy products with restrictions i.e. beer and tobocco products. Why wouldn't the big companies like target and best buy and others do the same. That way when stuff like this happens and parents look for somebody to blame they can only blame themselves.

there are way the industry can fix issues like these they just need to take some action.

FreeMonk4868d ago

If parents are stupid enough to buy there 10 year old kid an 18 Only rated or AO Rated game when it's plastered in a big circle in the bottom left hand corner of the box, then the parent should be locked up!!

It's just going to get worse from now one, especially seeing as they've managed to censor Manhunt 2!

I'm hoping for a Wii hack of the game! Making the movement of the kill makes me want to kill, whilst high so I can see all the wonderful colours when sticking the knife in!!