Assassin's Creed: Xbox 360 images

Ubisoft today created the surprise by announcing that YES Assassin's Creed will also be released on Xbox 360.

What an incredible and earth shattering announcement! And we even get 2 images from the 360 version!

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TheMART5867d ago

Freaking Fony Fanboys


So what's next? DMC4? Heavenly Sword? Resistance?

There is a new marketingline for Sony:


soccerstar5867d ago

every1 knew ac was coming to the 360 and the sony fanboys were just saying it wasnt to piss 360 fanboys off. and why would insomniac develope for the 360? they have been with sony since the ps1. They also said resistance could only be done on the ps3. dont believe me read this
and if ps3 isnt getting dead rising 360 isnt getting dmc4 because t was made for that specific system
Im not 100% positive that this is true but some1 told me that microsoft didnt accept heavenly sword for the 360 so they made it a ps3 exclusive so u wont be getting any more exclusives from the ps3

specialguest5867d ago

hahah THE MART. i see you got a new slogan for Sony and the fanboys..."THIS IS DYING!" Lol

HyperBear5867d ago

but when you talk down a system like thats pretty stupid. I dont get what you dislike about PS3. and as far as im seeing, they havent given up yet, and havent died yet. Plus they still are the leader in the game market share, so i dunno wats up with you. I dont know what Sony did to you. But my 360 died, i had a hisy-fit for like a week, but now im ok, i got over it and its getting fixed. I wish you and the rest of the 360 and PS3 fanboys could do the same as just respect every system for what they are and what they do. Play Video Games. AC LOOKS SWEET.

TheMART5867d ago

ah man I just like to be sarcastic. And yeah I think the 360 is better doing the things a gameconsole needs to do. And it's good to get back on all Sony fanboys that can't every give some real facts.

No competition with a nice war between both camps ;)

kingboy5867d ago

mart u need medical attention

Eternal E 8085867d ago

of you ps3 fanboys do because you are all brain washed

soccerstar5867d ago

all of you fanboys(microsoft and sony) act like a bunch of 2 year olds arguing whos new toy is better

babypheonix5867d ago

In japan we alrady finished Xbox360s funel. Amen.

AllroundGamer5867d ago

they should ban Mart from this site... i saw it many times, that he has the first post in his own news :D wtf?? and paste once more the pwned site, cause youre such a good copy paster. Btw. it is no suprise to me, that this would be a multiplatform title, cause its Ubisoft. But remember, PS3 will have again extra content thx to more space on the BD disc.

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The story is too old to be commented.