Physics And A Game?

So, I like to call myself a “gamer,” whatever that truly means, yet when I saw this new game, I was immediately hooked. It is called Machines Planet, and has an interesting and compelling mix of physics with pure fun. Essentially, you get to build wacky and weird “killing machines” and battle against (and kill) funny zombies; what isn't fun about that? And for you physics geeks out there (like me), you get to use your science skills to find the plethora of different ways to complete the levels. But don't worry, if you're not a fan of Physics, then you can still play this game and be more than entertained with the thousands of different solutions for each level. The other great thing about it, is there are hardly any flaws at all! If you look at the FAQ on the website, the only questions you see deal with user flaws, not the game flaws! This shows that the game is here to stay!

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