Manhunt 2 scores 2.5/10 in Destructoid's review

Manhunt 2 opens with your character, Danny Lamb, strangling an elderly, unarmed nurse almost to death. Yeah. It's that sort of a game.

Ignoring all of the BS politics of making a game that entertains solely through violence, or the possible repercussions of selling such a game, only one question matters: is the damn thing any good?

The original Manhunt was plodding and repetitive, yet kind of fun due to its then-remarkable gruesomeness and unpretentious nature. Does Manhunt 2 improve upon these flaws? Does it move on from simple torture porn and prove itself an entertaining game in its own right? How badly do the cuts Rockstar made in order to achieve an M rating hurt the gameplay?

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cloud360-7th_account4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Crap piece of JUNK .....Everyone hates Murder Simluators or watever crap this is.

JsonHenry4863d ago

I did not like the first one. So I was never holding my breath that this would suck any less than the last one.

PS360WII4863d ago

This is a pretty twisted game. I'm a little ways in it and it can be a bit freaky. The AI in it is somewhat retarded... well really retarded. All you need is a small shadow and to stay still they can be inches away from you but for some reason it never registers that you are there. You can be spotted they chase you but if you get some distance and find that little darkened area you are save and they soon forget they ever saw you. A few spots are tough when they have more than 2 people in the area but so far it's just been a crazy ride.

MK_Red4863d ago

Superb review. Violence and gore was POINT of this game and when that's censored, what's left to enjoy?

They say we live in a free world or at least country. Isn't censorship against freedom?

The funny thing is now Rockstar has pissed of both sides. Anti-gamers, Parental Groups and people like Senator Yee are pretty upset about the game and still want to ban it. Gorehounds and fans of violent games are also pissed and unhappy about the censored version.

Well done Rockstar, you failed both sides and totally screwed up with a violent game that it's violence is CENSORED.

Censorship is one of the most disgusting things in our world. Now I'm not saying children should play games. I say there should be a good and effective rating system so adults can enjoy the full uncut Manhunt and children can enjoy Wii Sports.

dexterwang4863d ago

Agreed! Why do they have to make games that has to be acceptable to their arbitary standards... let an adult game be an adult game and let kids play their kid's games... sheesh... don't decide for the public, let the public decide for themselves!

People going nuts over gaming violence should spend their time on gun control laws, anti-poverty acts, and the war on drugs... those are the main sources of violence...

solar4863d ago

i pondered picking this one up today. glad i decided to rent it instead.

sandip7874863d ago

ouch. i guess all that hype came to nothing, as per...

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The story is too old to be commented.