FBI Arrests LulzSec Suspect in Ohio

GR: The FBI has raided the home of a man in Hamilton, Ohio, who is suspected to have connection to the hacker group Lulzsec. Of course, the FBI isn't saying anything about the matter other than confirming that the raid happened.

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Deadman_Senji2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

For once I'm siding with the boys in blue. Lulzsec is made up of terrible people who really do deserve to be punished.

cannon88002757d ago

Prepare to get Lulzraped in lulzjail lulztards!
The only thing getting hacked in jail is your butthole!

EazyC2757d ago

They should cut the fuckers hands off, I'd love to see him try to get his "lulz" without them.

Deadman_Senji2757d ago

Then he won't be able to fap anymore.


zinkabass2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

You are a horrible person. /XD

Edit:it was a joke people,.. damn,..

tdrules2757d ago

i love how the premise of justice and innocent until proven guilty goes out of the window when someone targets your pwecious videogames.

VINNIEPAZ2757d ago

"i love how the premise of justice and innocent until proven guilty goes out of the window when someone targets your pwecious videogames."

Maybe there is something to the whole "video games and violence" thing after all? LOL

DlocDaBudSmoka2757d ago

that has gone out the window, long b4 we were born. there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty, unless you have the almighty dollar.

EazyC2757d ago

It's not the videogame aspect I was referring to, more so the fact he participated in a group that took thousands of innocent peoples personal information, and for what?

As if the FBI got it wrong and he actually innocent....

tdrules2757d ago Show
Toenado2757d ago

"it's a crime for these companies to keep your so called valuable information insecure.
the fact that a few people could hack into a company who rakes in hundreds of millions every year but cba investing in safe measures to look after their customers data is a crime in itself.
it's called criminal negligence"

So the hackers are punishing these companies by stealing millions of innocent peoples info and selling it for profit? I dont get it. Thats like saying there arent enough guards in this bank, so lets rob the bank and eveyone in it to teach this bank a lesson.
At least in the bank scenario it happens man to man instead of having some faceless piss ant rob you from behind a computer.

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cochise3132757d ago

Lol lol they thought it was all fun and games. "Book em Danno."

GusBricker2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Is his name Zero Cool?

Swiggins2757d ago

It better not be Acid Burn!

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