Interview With Atlus and SNKP On The King Of Fighters XIII

GS: It was reported that the XIII Netcode is based on XII. Then we heard “Netcode is in early development”. Before these statements were made, it was reported that SNKP had said that they were already proud of their XIII netcode, that it was better than competitive titles. Can you clarify the status?

AJ: That was a slight misunderstanding. We were not actually showing the Online Mode, and what was said was that the developer had learned a great deal from KOF XII and was using that experience as a foundation for the netcode in XIII. It is not based on the “same old XII” netcode. A pleasant consequence was seeing just how passionate the community is about the online experience being right this time, a sentiment we share.

KY: Improving online play is our number one priority in the development of the console version of KOF XIII. The numerous comments we received on KOF XII were invaluable as we investigated, researched and developed our new netcode. Stable, quality online play is of utmost importance to us; we are working hard every day to make the netcode as good as possible.

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Dart894230d ago

Man i haven't played a KOF game since KOF99 looks like i'll be picking this one up.

Baka-akaB4229d ago

I feel like picking the game up regardless of its netcode , but truly hopes to be pleasantly surprised in that aspect .

Knushwood Butt4229d ago

I never had much trouble with the netcode of XII inside Japan, but international matches were pretty bad in general.

It's good that they seem to be making improvements.

Redempteur4229d ago

as long as they are aware of the mistake KOF12 had i'm glad .

netcode and gameplay balance are a must these days