SNK Playmore Bought by Chinese Company

The company behind some of the biggest fighting games in history has a new owner and a bold new plan -- one that could mean more King of Fighters games, movies, and TV shows.

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gangsta_red2184d ago

I don't know how I feel about this...

I have always wanted SNK to rise from it's ashes and I am a huge KoF fan. But it sounds like an unknown Chinese company that has many sub companies has purchased it. Sounds like a chop shop and I wonder if they would even let SNK make more games or break it up and sell off all it's assets.

Well here's hoping for another KoF!

Voltech442184d ago

It really does depend on the quality of what this new company puts out. If they light a fire under SNK Playmore or take over and put out something nuts, then it's a win for the fans. But are those chances likely? Hard to know right now, isn't it?

I'd say that the worst case scenario is that KoF gets dragged down the Konami route and becomes the "inspiration" for a bunch of mobile/pachinko games, but I'm pretty sure that's already happened, so...nowhere to go but up? We'll see.

Knushwood Butt2183d ago

Right, that's pretty much all they've been doing for a while now, apart from porting old games fot the 14th time...

SmokingMonkey2183d ago

Same feeling, just with Samurai Shodown instead of KoF.

Some of my finest arcade memories come from that SNK 4-game Arcade machine.

ChronoJoe2184d ago

I've always thought KoF looked cool but never been able to get into the games. Simply put, they are very exceptionally technical and I think the notion of learning three characters (when I struggle to even master one) is incredibly off putting.

The way I see it, if I haven't even mastered my Yun or Rose on SFIV, however can I hope to master three characters in a fighting game like KoF?

It's a great game though, but it seems to make zero allowances for newer players, and ultimately extreme inaccessibility will kill your game, and the genre if you're not careful.

OzzY-waZZy2183d ago

and there goes what little hope I had for a new capcom vs snk.

Mkai282183d ago

Let me guess, the next boss is some giant Kung Fu guy with bronze arms..

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