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Hitman07693535d ago

This could be interesting but they obviously aren't going to do away with it completely..... I don't think anyway.

Tompkins3535d ago

Hey, it's the guy who made DICE not communicate with their fans.

Disconnect your internet, you troll.


@Tompkins What on earth r u talking about? :/

EazyC3535d ago

Why, was it Hitman who encouraged DICE to do so with one of his tweets on his Twitter Account? I don't follow.

Tompkins3535d ago

He basically made a story saying DICE claimed that 360 is a better version than PS3 for Battlefield 3, but he didn't say that at all.

So DICE saw the story and had enough and called him a troll journalist and stopped tweeting about the game at all.

PhantomT14123535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I know the story but right now, you're the troll...

I_find_it_funny3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

true story , point the finger at him everyone

Pixel_Pusher3535d ago

MW3 much like COD 4, MW2, BlOps, will still suffer from the same crippling and debilitating condition know as lag. Unless this changes with MW3 it is pointless to even consider buying this game.


I don't condone what Hitman did in anyway, but Dice should be a bit more professional and just don't feed bad journalists/trolls...

Seriously, anyone can call itself a journalist on "the internets"... Even before the internet existed, how many times haven't people been took out of context on TV, newspapers and books?

Are developers stop making review copies available because of the unprofessional journalists out there? Will they stop giving interviews because of it? If they choose to do so, they have no one to blame but themselves for not being professional enough to evaluate the media they are being exposed on, that's marketing 101.

I know the Dice guy was trying to answer to everyone's doubts, but if the questions is a flamebait, don't matter where it come from, just ignore it and move on. Halting on every contacts probably just made guys like Hitman even more happy.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx3535d ago

Biggest thing they need to do is upgrade their engine in my opinion. Their games run in at a Native Resolution 600p dammit not even Hd

Criminal3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I think you'll have to wait until the next generation to have 60 FPS and 720/1080p in a COD game.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

@ Criminal, I would prefer playing in at least 720p than 60fps. Most games i play are 30fps so it not a big deal for me. Heck even something like 45Fps would do it for me

Criminal3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I see what you're getting at but playing at 60 FPS makes a big difference twitchy shooters.

Fishy Fingers3535d ago

Going from a 60FPS game down to 30FPS is horrible. I'm surprised people would prefer some more pixels over twice the frame rate. Not that it matters, PC for me. No compromise.

Oldsnake0073535d ago

dude people don't know shit when they say the prefer 30 fps to 60 fps.

maniacmayhem3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

@ Fishy Fingers

That's because a lot of people especially on forums just regurgitate what they see others post. Half of them probably didn't even know what CoD's resolution was or even cared until they saw some posts.

@stolen Soul
30fps? Really? What online shooter do you play with that low of a framrate?

ViserysTargaryen3535d ago

There's a huge difference between 30 fps and 60 fps. The game runs smoother and scenes where the performance drops are less noticeable. At least thats how it is on the PC. I would imagine the same would apply to CoD on the console.

3534d ago
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2fk3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

no more kill streaks plz =)

Edit: i like only gettin kills from my gun, knife, grenade, rpg, claymore etc. it makes it feel more rewarding than gettin most of my kills from a kill streak

Criminal3535d ago

In my opinion, Killstreaks are what makes Call of Duty standout, but maybe a special playlist with out killstreaks would be a better idea. :)

the_best_player3535d ago

COD is too noob friendly, the COD players would get raped in CSS or Unreal/Quake.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3535d ago

lol agree. I've played both the games you mentioned and i see why you would say that.

Swiggins3535d ago

I play both and repeatedly come out on top, u mad?!

liveActionLeveler3535d ago

You might be right, but who gives a shit?

ViserysTargaryen3535d ago

PC gamers rarely play those games anymore so it's totally meaningless. Actually I can't recall a PC shooter that requires mad skills now a days.

csreynolds3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I agree. Used to be an Unreal vet back in the day before I moved to consoles - Dual Enforcer extraordinaire! Lol.

God, they should make a (good) Unreal game for PS3... would make Halo look like Ha-who? :)

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saladthieves3535d ago

I agree, but this could also means that camping (which frankly is encouraged by killstreaks) could now be done on a whole new level.

pixelsword3535d ago

I like livestreaks better; when you get awarded for surviving confrontations.

DeadlyFire3534d ago

I say kill the killstreaks. Does a RPG pop out of my ass if I shoot a terrorist tomorrow? I think its stupid.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx3535d ago

Really cannot wait to see what they upgrade in this game.
So far all the other cods were just clones of Cod4 with no major update. Hopefully this one does something different and maybe it'll make it in my library.

Colmshan19903535d ago

I love COD4 and still play it sometimes.
After skipping COD5, I bought and platinumed MW2, but traded it as I felt COD4 was better online (personal preference only, most of my friends said the opposite).
I bought Black Ops, but got bored of the online and offline rather quickly. I traded it in probably too hastily, I think I was just jaded of shooters for a while.
I'll probably pick up MW3 a month or two after release, but it's not the most anticipated game on my radar.
I just want it to feel improved, with a proper upgrade.

gedapeleda3534d ago

It's now 3 kills streak for nuke

AngelicIceDiamond3535d ago

Hmm I know They're gonna have Team Killstreaks but curious to what else they're gonna bring to the table.

guhati3535d ago

How do you know they are going to have Team Killstreaks? Plus by team killstreaks do u mean UAV Counters and stuff like that?

spektical3535d ago

i think they mentioned that has to do with completing objectives.. like grabbing 4 flags in a game of domination, etc.. but i wonder if they'll have a losing streak as well.. cause you know it has to be "fair"


Oh lord please no!!, no losing streak.. Please!!

it was bad enough in MW2 rewarding people who die all the time.

Thats like running in the olypics and getting a gold for coming first, then watching the judges walk over to the guy who came last and handing him a gold as well.

guhati3534d ago

@DarkWitness LOL... Wut?

AngelicIceDiamond3534d ago

TeamKillstreaks was heavily rumoredI'm sure it has to be true, but what else are they gonna do.

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ddurand13535d ago

itd be cool if they made them like crysis with dog tags. that would eliminate camping.

also, an option to get a killstreak+ wouold be nice. you could gamble and take a smaller killstreak, or let the kills pile up and upgrade it.

either way killstreaks are here to stay. i just hope they make them better and balanced.

CommonCent3535d ago

IMO the way Crysis 2 did it is THE only way to do killstreaks.

ddurand13535d ago

I cant disagree. they took the COD4 model and perfected it.

crysis multiplayer is the most balanced offering on any console.

the perks balance each otehr nicely and you really have to chooise between alot of good perks.

Kon_Artist 3535d ago

the only thing i really didnt like is that in black ops your kill streak kills wouldnt add on to your killstreaks

if you havnt played black ops this might sound confusing but anyone that played know exactly what im talking about

CaptainPunch3535d ago

Actually it made Black Ops a slower game.

Fishy Fingers3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

You mean kills achieved from your used killstreak count towards your next killstreak right?

Because there is no way in hell they should. Or you might as well just guve everyone a chopper gunner or dogs for nothing. Basically with the right killstreaks picked you'd only have to get 3 kills and your killstreaks would do the rest.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3535d ago

That's actually what I hated about Mw2 and all the other Cods. You don't deserve the kills that your killstreak gets it shows you have no skills.

Example of Mw2, Get Harrier, Camp, Harrier kills 4 guys, You pull chopper gunner out, Nuke.? You actually think that makes the game fun? More like cheap and noobish.

DrillaKid3535d ago

I agree. That was an oversight on IW's part and I can't believe they didnt fix it. With the hardline perk you could effectively get a nuke after 6 kills which defeats the whole purpose of a 24 killstreak.

Dart893535d ago

I don't play it but my lil bro does and i know what you mean and to me it seems better like that cuz you gotta earn you're kills instead of camping instead of getting a harrier call it in racks up kills for a chopper gunner etc etc etc.

KING_KAI3535d ago

cod black ops is boring repetitive and lame. did i mention repetitive.

IW go back to cod 4 gameplay please.

guhati3535d ago

I heard somewhere,, they are.

KING_KAI3535d ago

yeah i might buy it then. but you will still have to pay 1200 msp for each pack. homefront has its 1st map pack going for 240 msp. got a kd ratio of 2.71 on that game.

duplissi3535d ago

lol... they havent left cod4 gameplay.

csreynolds3534d ago

You know IW didn't make Black Ops, right? They might have contributed ideas, but Blops was Treyarch's baby.

KING_KAI3534d ago

yes i knoe that but treyarchs baby definantly turned out inbred

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csreynolds3534d ago

That change was made to reduce camping. I don't think it was a bad decision. In fact, I hope IW follows suit in MW3. Killstreaks should be worked for - none of this "I'll call my Harrier Strike and hide in a corner until I rack up enough kills for my Chopper Gunner"... lame.

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