DICE Tries To Put End To Battlefield 3 Controversy, Sends One Last Message To Gamers

Last Thursday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was supposed to be a time of jubilee for DICE, the makers of Battlefield 3, and gamers alike. But what first was an awesome show, turned into a controversy between console and PC fans, with certain PS3 owners expressing disappointment with the quality of the PS3 footage shown on the show. Even Xbox 360 was brought in the mix and DICE has rarely said anything concerning said platform.

DICE’s Rendering Architect Johan Andersson has had enough. He’s about to stop talking about the game in full on twitter, but before he leaves, one last message must be relayed.

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Kon2469d ago

This guy is awesome. He answers to EVERY question that the fans ask him on twitter. But some 'journalists' take those answers and put them completely out of context. I won't be surprised if he stopped talking to the fans.

zero_gamer2469d ago

Some gamers just enjoy whining for the sake of whining. Of course the PC version will look better than the console counterparts. We all should know this by now.

I thought the PS3 footage looked great.

Dart892469d ago

I agree man im a ps3 player and the graphics looked great for a console game im not b**ching about the game im just anxious to try out the beta and then get it when it's released.

NukaCola2469d ago

Who's complaining? The game looks great

RememberThe3572469d ago

Any rational person thinks the PS3 version looks great. It's a handful of whinny little girls that need to shut their mouths.

And thanks crappy journalists for doing the opposite of your job.

Can't we now start banning these horrible sites?

deadpoole2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

As Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes said in Iron Man 2 ... "DEAL WITH IT". This game is gonna be awesome, PS3 version will be 720p native with some form of anti aliasing (which bfbc 1 and 2 didnt have) + BF1943 and 4 Maps from BF2. Game graphics wise will be polished to its finest till month before its release date.

What more do you want ???????

So stop with all this hate ... BF3 FTW.

Sarcasm2469d ago

Oh well, I'm buying the PS3 version anyway to play with my buddies.

I'm going to have the PC version too just to enjoy it in all it's glory.

joydestroy2469d ago

someone always has to ruin it

evrfighter2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

what the hell does posting on twitter twittering/twitting/tweeting accomplish?


it does more harm to celebrities, sports figures, and business and industry figures than it does good.

The way I see it if you are a celebrity type you have nowhere to go but down if you're using twitter.

DaTruth2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Why do developers keep responding to stupid online nobody critics, trolls and fanboys craving attention over the net? They are giving them exactly what they're looking for!

They always give this stupid platform to the vocal minority and since it works it will never stop! Ever notice how no matter how awesome something is, there's always one or two stupid dudes trolling by putting it down

The reason they do it is because nobody will talk to them otherwise and now they have successful videogame devs talking to them, when there's no chance of this happening otherwise!

Tru_Blu2469d ago

Ya I agree. I hadn't saw the ps3 version in question until I just watched it on that site. I don't know what anyone is complaing about, looked really good to me.

darksied2469d ago


Oh man, why can't we do what this guy says? How about a 70% crap rate more than once (2 separate articles) means the site is perma-banned? That would be awesome.

Army_of_Darkness2469d ago

I won't lie.. On pc it looks amazing, but when i see it on consoles it looks like your typical military fps...

HardCover2469d ago

It may look typical but it sure as shit won't play typical

Lifendz2468d ago

He also said this: "I love talking directly to gamers, but too many troll journalists out there so think I’ll have to shut up about #bf3 details for now, bye."

Couldn't agree more with that. We have way too many troll journalists looking for hits. Even last week when that PR firm made the statements about some people being malicious in their reviews of DKF which, for some reason, prompted all game reviewers to act as if he was talking about them directly. If you listen to podcasts you heard all those guys bishing as if he said the media as a whole was being unfair to his game.

Enough already. These guys have to stop twisting things around to make something out of nothing.

Oschino19072468d ago

My main gripe with this game and the reason I may not buy it is.... I will feel totally ripped off buying it for console, I mean come one. We will be paying the same as PC players but getting a watered down version with not as much content or performance.... SO WHY IS IT WE ARE PAYING THE SAME PRICE AGAIN?

I just feel like PC is getting this totally awesome game which is mostly funded by CONSOLE gamers, so why do we get the short end of the stick and being told to just accept and deal with it... Console has supoported the franchise for the last couple of titles they have released now, selling well over 2:1 compared to PC, but atleast the games werent very different and only a few things missing compared to PC. Now they are going above and beyond with the the epicness and we console players are gona be left to pick up the check buying millions of watered down copies for console to support the PC crowd. If anything I think its good people call them out because many still dont realize the vast differences that there will be between both console and PC, sure hardcore gamers or those on forums all day will know but not the average consumer/casual console player especially if they were never into the BF franchise before.

Now I am not saying the game will suck or anything. It will still be a good game and knock COD on its ASS but I just cant in my right mind support a company when I personally feel like I am getting ripped off. Maybe if it ends up $40 or something, I will be all over it then, but I doubt anything like that would happen. Tired of being someone that helps to support all the crying whiny PC elitist that feel entitled to everything and that in their "words" are somehow better gamers overall by default... If they want such a huge epic game why dont they go out and buy enough copies to support the franchise instead of relying on the people they bash daily who fork out the money to support the franchise. Console is gonna be paying for all the goodies PC gets over them. We all pay the same but we (console players) buy many more copies and get less of a game while being told to be happy about it... Sorry but no, I am not happy about that at all... Either make the game cheaper or make a whole nother game for console, dont COD us and bullshit straight to our face about how its fair and equal if you just look at it from their view, which is the money and profits point of view... Not supporting it! Not as of now, maybe if they sweetin the deal for us console players but I doubt that would happen..

Oschino19072468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

@Digital Raptor

Still waiting to get an answer as to why its OK that we PAY THE SAME EXACT PRICE. NO reason PC should get so much more and still be the same price as console...
Its like buying two of the "same" cars, having the same names and prices but one is a bare bones base car while the other has upgraded cosmetics, performance and features. Why would you pay the same price for the bare bones car becuase its all you can afford to maintain while someone else gets a top of the line performance machine with all the bells and whistles just because they can afford to maintain it...

Game will be great, not questioning that, just questioning the reason behind why they think its cool to charge the same for both VERSIONS of the game. They could always drop the price for console or throw us some extra worth while features that PC wont have to even things up a bit. I would be happy with that and actually WANT to give them my money, but as of now I am finding it hard to come up for reasons why I SHOULD give them my money.

Lich1202468d ago


Its the same damn game. They aren't doing more for the PC, the PC is just capable of doing more. I don't know what you think making a game is like but Im fairly certain whatever impression you have is completely wrong. They aren't spending more time making the PC version, quiet likely they're spending less time actually since it requires less optimization and fine tuning to get running excellently.

BlackKnight2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )


The only thing you are missing out on console is 64 players and Cutting edge graphics and 60FPS/3D/120FPS/Multi-display. You still get the BF2 maps and the same DLCs, everything.

You can't have cutting edge graphics on consoles. They are 5(PS3)to 6(360) year old machines. Optimizing a game gives SOME performance and graphics upgrades, but no where NEAR what having DX11 and 2011 CPU's and GPUs, etc.

KZ3, uncharted2/3 and God of war run at 720P and at 30 FPS (God of war FPS is unlocked, can fluctuate above 30FPS) and those 3 games are on a MUCH smaller scale (Uncharted 2's largest MP map is MAYBE half the size of the smallest BC2 map, White Pass), less players online, no vehicles besides KZ3 mechs. Halo Reach runs at 30 FPS, 700P and has large open areas (still only a fraction of BF3 size maps) and Gears of War map sizes are similar to Uncharted.

NONE of the above games come even CLOSE to the amount of destruction BF3 offers.

Graphics are limited first by the hardware, then the developer, its not the other way around.

You want to know why I play my PC more than ever now instead of my xbox and PS3? Because I hate paying 60 dollars for a new game (especially multiplat) that is almost always 10 dollars cheaper on PC, looks worse than even a low end gaming PC, runs at half the framerate (most games are 30fps on console), dealing with a higher amount of immature players on console, custom content/mods on many PC games, no worry about a "service" to go down like XBL/PSN, and even though exclusive games look great, it is still relative, once you compare to PC they are average.

It's not like buying a car, there are two purchases. If all you own is a camp fire and a piece of metal, you can't complain about a pancake mix costing you the same money as someone with an electric stove. No matter how much they work on making that that pancake mix good, you still have to cook the damn thing with an out-of-date campfire and slab of steel.

pixelsword2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

@ blackknight:

As far as 64 players, MAG sez hai.

As far as

"Cutting edge graphics and 60FPS/3D/120FPS/Multi-display& amp; quot;

Sony just announced a television which will take one monitor and split the channel so that two players will appear to play with their own monitor, so although I don't know what the fps will be for those games on that set, but since Lair was 1080p and a (wobbly) 60fps in 2007, I'm sure that sooner or later someone else may be able to match a five-year-old game... or else re-hire the Factor 5 crew and make the best darn-tootin' games this side of HAL-9000.

Lich1202468d ago


Mag may have had massive multiplayer but its graphics were not even close to the level of BF3. Its a give and take. Sure you can have 256 people running around, but not at the same fidelity of 24 players.

BlackKnight2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )


Yes, Mag does say hi:

Blurry, low res, no HDR, small view distance, no destruction, No realtime lighting beyond characters and STILL maps smaller than even BC2.

Lol, lair? Really? That game was a mess graphically, controls and gameplay. 1080P and 60FPS is nothing when your texture resolution on everything is practically n64 level. Only the dragon and certain enemies looked decent.

KZ3 in 3D runs at 640x716 BARELY at 30FPS, that's almost PS2/Xbox 1 resolution. Not only that, the smoke effects, explosions, dust, etc when in 2D are rendered at 640x360 (again, in 2D!), but go to 3D, and now it runs at a measly 320x360!



GG is supported by Sony, has already made 2 PS3 exclusive games, and you think some magic dev will come along and make a game that has 3D and 1080P and 60FPS? Even 720P and 30FPS in 3D and graphics similar to 2D KZ2 or UC2 just cannot be done on the PS3.

pixelsword2467d ago

@ Lich120:

Erm, That's probably why I said

"As far as 64 players, MAG sez hai"

I didn't say it had this or that in terms of resolution, I only mentioned the number of players. And MAG still has a 1up on the PC because there's not a game as of yet that does 256 with the level of graphics that MAG has, so it's not bad for it being not so great.

@ BlackKnight:

You're basing my point on past articles, I'm basing my point on a television that's not out yet.

You see the problem with your point?

pixelsword2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Also @ DarkKnight:


a little different when you use actual HD screenshots.

deceive moar.

Lich1202467d ago


Right, but as I mentioned player count is based on graphics capabilities. No one is saying massive player counts isn't possible on consoles, mag proved that. All people are saying (the devs) is that 64 players with the graphics of BF3 is not possible on consoles. I for one, believe them and do not think they're being lazy about anything.

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BubbleSniper2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Looks like examiner needs to examine themselves.

now we caught examiner with proof, trying to skew words for hits.

“I love talking directly to gamers, but too many troll journalists out there so think I’ll have to shut up about #bf3 details for now, bye.”


news4geeks2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

The guy who wrote the examiner article, Jon Ireson, hangs around n4g if the pic is anything to go by. Show yourself Jon and give us all an apology :)

edit: there he is down in comment #10

Spitfire_Riggz2469d ago

Honestly though I think they should have expected this controversy. They put it on themselves showing all PC footage for a loooong time, especially when casual gamers probably didnt know any better.

Cerberus292469d ago

I somewhat agree, but at the same time I don't see why people are bitching about the console version. It may not look as graphically good as the pc version but that in no way means it looks bad.

Headshot812469d ago

The console footage looked great, Journalist are being pricks, and people are bitching because it doesn't look like the pc version really have no reason to bitch. Oh and it's not just ps3 gamers, 360 gamers also watched it and bitched, since i saw the footage on my tv and i have a 360 and a tweeter account, i was just curious to see how it looked. Dice is doing a good job and all of you guys bitching shut the hell up.

Thatguy-3102469d ago

BF 3 is getting a bad image out of all the controversy that has been happening lately...ohhh well there goes it's chances in dethroning COD lol

Cerberus292469d ago

I can't say I blame the guy, he tries to do something cool by talking to the fans on a daily basis and all he get in return is a bunch of bitching and whining. And he's probably right, most of it probably are trolling journalist lookin to create some bullshit story (like half the BF3 stories here on N4G)

Can't wait to play BF3!

PRHB HYBRiiD2469d ago

Am i the only one who thinks the ps3 footage looks really really good?...i mean why are people complaining?? i looks a lot better than bc2 imo.

CryofSilence2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Humiliation for Examiner. Good. BF3 is a good looking game. Quit whining. It's pre-alpha.

dafada2468d ago

finally...i hate it when people start shit over nothing. I'm a ps3 gamer and i thought the game looked great. Obviously it's not going to be as good as the pc and only a select few retard were whining about that but everyone started grouping all ps3 gamers together and saying we all thought that which is BS. The game looks better than every multiplat out there and better than a lot of exclusives and it'll certainly look better than another shooter coming out around the same time......

stevenhiggster2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

You know what, the worst of this is? The fact that I haven't actually seen any PS3 "fanboys" complaining about BF3. Most agree that while it certainly doesn't look quite as good as the PC version, it still looks awesome! It seems to me that all I've seen is bs articles from no name sites saying that PS3 gamers are not happy, when most of us are perfectly happy!
No one except idiots expected the console versions to look as good as the PC version. And why would any PS3 gamers complain about it being 720p 30fps, unless again they are idiots. I actually can't believe the flack DICE are taking over this. I say good job DICE, I can't wait to get my hands on the game, on my PS3.

DanSolo2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I think DICE are perhaps worrying a little bit too much about what a vocal minority are saying.... Just looking at Kon's comment at the top here sums it up..... 107 agrees to just 8 disagrees....

MOST people think BF3 looks good.... why would DICE waste their time worrying about what a few little nob-heads think?

That is like going to a party of supermodels and 9 out of 10 of them are coming on to you (something that happens to me regularly), and instead of enjoying the 9 out of 10 that like you.... you spend the night worrying about the 1 out of 10 who don't....

DICE should be soo busy tapping the supermodels who want them that they couldn't care less about the ones who don't (who are quite obviously lesbians anyway)

snipes1012468d ago

Big up on this guy for stomping this flaming crap out. I don't think DICE owes anyone anything. They have put out consistently quality games for the entirety of their career. They don't have to prove ANYTHING to these hit whore journalists, let alone the whiny fanboys.

gameguidedog2468d ago

Both the live demonstration on Fallon and the stuff we saw at E3, to the gameplay footage posted since the event, to see how it's playing on consoles warrants absolutely no negative feedback in comparison to PC gameplay and basically those would be journalists, (rather trolls) are just looking for attention by bashing a decent product. If they don't like the game itself that's one thing, but to claim it falls under par on a particular system is ludicrous.

Sano642468d ago

@ Oschino1907
Console gamers pay more for their games because Nintendo, Sony,and Microsoft charge royalties to put games on their platform.

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RedDead2469d ago ShowReplies(2)
nopunctuation2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

“I love talking directly to gamers, but too many troll journalists out there so think I’ll have to shut up about #bf3 details for now, bye.”

This is why we cant have nice things. Whenever devs talk to us and give logical explanations, journalists twist their words and make it worse than it is.

Dude4202469d ago

I know this isn't related to DICE, but the exact same thing happens to Cliff B. The journalists twists the guys words so much that some people think he's a douche, when he really isn't. There were a few times where he had to call out those stupid journalists.

nopunctuation2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

No Cliffy B is pretty much a douche. Look to his quotes that bash Metal Gear Solid and others for proof.
“Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we’re not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out.”
"Heavy Rain is for girls."

There are plenty more where that came from.

Dude4202469d ago

"There are plenty more where that came from. "

Like what? The famous quote where he said "naughty dog you're going down", oh right it was just a joke. Idiot journalism.

Oh yes and also "Bulletstorm was meant to f*** with killzone 3", oh right that was a joke too. Cliffy loves KZ3, then there was a controversy about him buying KZ3. Again Idiot Journalism.

What about the "Japan can't keep up with US video games tech". Turns out, that really wasn't what he meant. Here's a link.


Ding ding ding Idiot Journalism Strike 3!

I'm sorry, but where is the full interview on MGS4? Perhaps the journalists actually misquoted him on that too? How do we know if that's what he actually meant. If you look in the article I've provided, Cliff says "There are plenty of existing and upcoming Japanese titles that look amazing. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those devs."

Sorry, but those selective quotes you have gotten from those articles aren't 100% proof he's a douche. Btw, didn't he also praise Heavy Rain?

Oh hey, let me fix that Heavy Rain quote for you. "Girls would love Heavy Rain."

nopunctuation2469d ago

Ok so you single handedly proved Cliffy is a schizophrenic. That is in fact more douche behavoir than I showed you because saying something like "Japan tech sucks" or "Metal Gear is passive entertainment" then saying "nah I was kidding lol" just makes it worse. If you want to avoid douche accusations then maybe you shouldnt say it in the first place.

Dude4202468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I think the point of my post completely went over your head. For the japan tech quote, he probably said something about japan tech, but not the way the article describes which is why he called it out.

Same thing for the MGS4 quote, I don't see any full interview with that comment. He could of meant something else and those so called professional journalists use selective quoting to make what he said worse than it is.

I just proved to you how journalism do shit like this to get hits on their site. If anything, these professional journalists are the douches here. This isn't the first time it has happened and Cliff B. is not the first one.

If you still choose to listen to idiot journalism and judge a person that way, then hey, I guess more power to you.

Edit: Oh and hey, I don't think he has schizophrenia when he says "Naughty Dog, you're going down" in front of the devs themselves, who clearly knew he was joking.

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Spydiggity2469d ago


now anybody in their mom's basement with an iPhone/Droid is a journalist.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2468d ago

Have you ever written an entire article on a droid? I can post comments from mine (like this one) but I will wait until I can get to a computer to write an article or a blog.

Fishy Fingers2469d ago

Douchebag websites shooting themselves in the foot. Good work.

Dannehkins2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Some journalists are such idiots. Jesus Christ, they'll do anything for a few hits and it grinds my gears when this flamin' site approves their articles.

Point me out to these bloody PS3 owners complaining, because all I am seeing is praise from the likes of PS3 owners on this site and the EU PlayStation Forum (official). DICE have also demonstrated that they are working just as closely with the Xbox 360 with their lighting solutions and so overall, DICE deserve nothing but praise.

I read that article on Examiner. The author is one hell of an idiot and you could tell just by reading the title.

We get a rare opportunity for a dev to be responding to peoples' questions and you get some toss pot messing it all up. Well congratulations...

mastiffchild2469d ago

Exactly. Thing is, we're led to belive, by a few members of this community, that N4G is hiome to all the worst and most rabid PS3 fanboys in the known World yet even here I've seen next to nobody complaining that the PS3 version wasn't up to snuff and NOBODY EVER saying it should or could be as good as the top PC settings. NEVER seen it said by ANYONE.

I've seen plenty of people condemning those who supposedly said it but, again, I've yet to see an actual member who thinks Dice should have the PS3 version running as well as the PC. It's a lot of BS backed up by the words of a scant handful and we cannot be sure they're even saying it in honesty or want to portray S3 owners as delusional for their own reasons. Don't doubt that the odd delusional idiot has slipped past my radar(I'm not really looking for them 24/7)but hen the numbers are so small do they deserve ANY attention let alone being allowed to colour the wider perception of a platform's general population?

Whoever pushed this guy to stop posting directly to us on Twitter has done us all a bad disservice and needs a bit of a cyber slap. Pretty much every gamer I know who cares or talks about BF3 thinks Dice have and will do great job on each platform. why would we think otherwise? I might think the preorder incentives are shitty but my perception of the job Dice are doing is not lessened by marketing nonsense which is ALL there is to slur their work currently and very few people ever said otherwise t begin with. Amazing legs on such a non story which shows just how easily half truths and lies can roll around as fact on the web without ANYTHING supporting them and nearly everything else pointing to9 their false nature.

Dannehkins2469d ago

Nicely said.

It just goes to show how the internet can turn such a tiny thing into this massive, exaggerated mess that has resulted in one of the devs halting his replies to peoples' questions and queries.

I share your disappointment with this.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2468d ago

Are we even 100% certain that Dice decides the preorder DLC? That could be EA.
It could be the devs that have decision making authority over what the preorders get, I just want to be sure.

mcsm2469d ago

I agree i just don't see these complainers seems like a minority with some agenda trying to stir up trouble , the people at dice needs to stop paying attention to these people.