Guitar Hero won’t return until it can innovate – Kotick

Activision’s Bobby Kotick says on-hiatus franchises such as Guitar Hero won’t return until the publisher is certain it can deliver an innovative, creative product.

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pepsilover_20073733d ago

aka wait till rockband comes out then copy it again lol, but seriously i hope it comes back just not as often

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tigertron3733d ago

Well I doubt it can, especially under Activision. Its best to just stop flogging a dead horse.

moaradin3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

That's Ironic considering Call of Duty, their flagship franchise isn't innovative at all. Quite the opposite actually.

EditorAtGNG3733d ago

As long as there are people willing to spent their money on copy-paste products... It's a two way relationship: people stop buying re-used crap - developers innovate. It's that simple.

NMC20073733d ago

So why did Rock Band 3 innovate and fail? People buy what they want, innovation is not always the road to success, just look at Activision, one of the richest companies in the game industry and all they did was milk a few franchises.

People call it milking, I call it giving the fans what they want, the key word being "fans" not outsiders who accuse the company of milking.

Would Metal Gear fans have been satisfied is MGS stopped after MGS 2? Of course not. Would Splinter Cell fans had been satisfied if the series stopped after Pandora Tomorrow? Mario fans after Mario 3? Think about it, by today's standards, those games are milked to death but they get a pass.

They get a pass because they are good games sure, good to you, not to everyone, just like Guitar Hero & all the other games that people slam for being "milked", it's funny so many people cry milked and yet they also cry for sequels to games they love.

Raf1k13733d ago

True. CoD hasn't innovated since CoD4.

nolifeking3733d ago

....but COD will stay as long as it doesn't.

Corrwin3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Translation: "Until we can figure out how to sell you all the same songs again."

Oh Activsion, after many same-ish Call of Duty and Spider-Man games, we know Innovation is the furthest thing from your mind.

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