Is Guitar Hero Coming To The PS5 Or Xbox Series X?

It’s been nearly a decade since the release of the last Guitar Hero game. Is time running out for Guitar Hero, or are we closer than ever to the long-awaited reunion tour on the PS5 and Xbox Series X? As it turns out, we might soon see the return of a rock giant — at least, if modern gaming trends are to be trusted.

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Cacabunga36d ago

I miss those times with Rock Band, DJ Hero and all rhythm games.

BeHunted35d ago

Thank you for supporting Microsoft by purchasing Guitar Hero.


I just don’t see this being nearly as popular as it was back in the day. These kids are way too attached to phones and tablets to care about plastic guitars and drums. Would be cool if it did return but I just don’t see hype for it like the good old days of gaming.

DarXyde36d ago

Or....in the modern era, it could support real electric guitars and drum sets...?

I think we can do better than the buttons at this point

ThatArtGuy36d ago

Rocksmith does real guitar.

DarXyde36d ago


All the more reason to get with the program.

S2Killinit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Hmmm maybe you are correct. Unfortunately. Also, there is the VR rhythm games already in the wide which are very popular. But back in those days we only had gutar hero.

Gaming4Life198136d ago

I would gladly buy a guitar hero collection or just guitar hero 2 again on series X or ps5.

neutralgamer199236d ago

Most likely answer is both platforms because why leave out 60-70 million platform gamers

Dandalandan11736d ago

Make it some kind of collection or greatest hits then I'm sold

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Thundercat77468d ago

Guitar Hero was good. The problem was Activision started creating many versions. Guitar Hero had the every one year cycle like COD and people felt they were being robbed.

myfathersbastard468d ago

It was even worse then that. My roommate and I were big into rock band. Had a concert sized sound system for it in the shop. Both rock band and guitar hero were doing a yearly release yeah, but then also doing song packs and band packs every other week almost at one point. AND releasing them on physical disc. Before we stopped we had litterely dozens of discs for different songs and bands. They just never stopped coming out. People can only handle buying so much for 1 game.

Ra3030468d ago

Why in the hell would one want to spend time to learn a button mashing order when you can lean to play a real guitar in the same time frame.


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MadLad882d ago

Another Prototype would be awesome.

As for Singularity, I don't necessarily need a sequel, I just want to see Raven be able to flex their creative muscle again; not just be relegated to assisting with CoD. A lot of the old guard is still with the company.

That's part of what I'm hoping to see come from this acquisition. Revive teams like Vicarious Visions and Ravem to actually allow them to work on their own new projects again.

Crows90882d ago

As great as that would be the deal wont finalize until end of fiscal year 2023. Until after that date MS wont really have a say as to where resources will be spent. So we wont realistically see anything until perhaps 2026 or later.

LWOGaming881d ago

I think that’s a point that so many people are missing. Things will not change this year or next year at all. Maybe some changes might be apparent in 2024 but 2025/2026 is a good estimate of when things will really start happening. And I don’t think we will see as big a set of changes as some are suggesting.

TallDarknWavy882d ago

Those teams having not worked on anything, the employees find jobs at other companies, they don't just remain unemployed till someone at the publisher decides to revive the team, they need to eat lol

That said, this list of games makes me unexcited for anything outside of CoD that Activision has to offer. All games are in stale genres, like Guitar Hero, Simpsons Hit and Run, these are long surpassed genres that are going to be difficult to revive.

gamer7804882d ago

I want to see new IPs. Not a bunch of forced renovations of old franchises.

Gamer75882d ago

Why not a combination of both

gamer7804882d ago

@gamer75 if it is a combination it has to have my seal of approval. Such as a new Warcraft game or a new Warcraft mmo, or an action game based off the night elves orcs and humans if it’s a new IP. I’ll let you know after I talk with Microsoft

King_Noctis882d ago

Man I’ve been waiting for Protoype since the last one. Protoype could seriously be MS’ answer to Infamous (freaking loved that game as well, hope Sony make a new one soon).

porkChop882d ago

I'd love to see Raven take another crack at Heretic and Hexen.

MadLad882d ago

That's one I see being tossed around a lot to bring back, even if not from Raven themselves.

Put so many hours into those games over the years.