Compact, Cut Price PS2 Coming 2008

Redesigned model boasts built-in power supply; 25 per cent price drop likely: Thought PlayStation 2 hardware sales were going to quietly disappear after the revenue frenzy of Christmas? Think again – Sony is preparing to introduce a new, cut-price model of the console in early 2008.

MCV can exclusively reveal that this 'compact' PS2 will hit the US at just $99 in the New Year – a reduction of $30 from its current selling price of $129.

If a similar percentage cut is introduced in the UK, retailers can expect to sell the revamped system for just £75 – or maybe lower.

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whateva4869d ago

Ps2 ain't going no where $99 in 2008 and the biggest game library if you don't have a ps2 it's time to get one!

2010 here we come ps2 should be $69 by then.

TheMART4869d ago

White PS2 singstar edition 149 Dollar/Euro this Holiday. If you like Karaoke, that's a much better deal. White PS2 + white 360 to own now, white PS3 to buy Christmas 2008 is the best way to go

Kyur4ThePain4869d ago

Enough with the "White PS3 at Christmas 2008" already.
You're not going to stop anyone from buying a PS3 this Christams, and you've posted it in enough threads now that everyone has seen it.

On topic...that would be a great price! I'm sure there are some people out there that might still pick up a PS2, but I'm fine with my current slim and PS3.

TheMART4869d ago

Dude I will state my opinion as often as I want. If you find it enough, don't read it.

I hope people will follow my advice though, as it is a good one. Black console aren't pretty, not having rumble sucks, no home not even in beta is sad, MGS4, KZ2, FFXIII and GT5 delayed to 2nd half of 2008 is an extra reason to buy the PS3 in the 2nd half of 2008. Simple as that.

And the white PS2 this Christmas is a steal. Get God of War 2 with it, better then any game on the PS3 untill 2nd half of 2008. Maybe God of War 3 will be here @ Christmas 2008 also for the PS3.

kamisama4869d ago

Its only logical for sony to do this its really helping them make some sort of profit from there gaming devision while the ps3 catches up to speed!

Hapimeses4869d ago

Man, at that price I may buy a PS2 for my daughter's bedroom. She'd love her own little console.


Good move from Sony, methinks -- position itself beneath the Wii and draw on its massive library of games. Plus, it kinda makes the BC of PS3 less of an issue (but it is still an issue, no matter what some may say).

cherdman4869d ago

Sony would be better off cutting this console out of the picture and supporting the PS2 library on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.