"Leipzig will replace E3" – Mark Rein

Epic boss praises massive selling potential of consumer show

The shock collapse of E3 has left many in the industry fearing for the impact its loss will have on the games sector – but Epic Games boss Mark Rein is convinced that Europe's Leipzig Games Convention will now replace the LA conference as the world's premiere gaming showcase.

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Lucidmantra5868d ago (Edited 5868d ago )

My only issue with this is it leaves the US (a country in the top 5 highest per person disposable incomes in the world) without a consumer video games shop (CES and others are not close to what E3 was.. and even E3 didn't let consumers in) This is simply dumb. The US needs a good games show with access by the public.

calderra5867d ago

The problem is that Microsoft and Sony both lobbied to shut down e3- and for good reason. Not many people ever heard about it. I've worked two seperate game retail stores in the past, and maybe 5% (being VERY generous) of even the game-playing populace know about e3 (and care).

Sure, it's cool for us hardcore gamers... but all that wasted development time and advertisimg money spent really doesn't translate into sales like smaller shows might. Financially, nuking e3 was smart. I know it sucks, but I understand their end.

Which do you think is really worth more- the Gears of War team spending 6 months working on a demo that will basically never be played by the public at large, or releasing the game 6 months earlier and spending all that saved money on advertising?

I'm sad to see it go, but then again, having it gone might get Halo 3 to my house a few months earlier. I'll take that gamble, and let a smarter (and more financially worthwhile) conference rise in e3's place.

TheMART5868d ago

Good thing to hear, Leipzig is close to the Netherlands and E3 was too far ;)

So I guess some people loose, some win. Well I don't know. Seeing the video's streamable on computer or XBOX Live is also fine with me!

ChickeyCantor5868d ago

ben je nou nederlander?
goh je hebt niet echt veel fans:P

maybe ill go one day =D