TheParanoidGamer Review: Dungeon Siege III

With the backing of Square Enix and the solid development skills of Obsidian Entertainment, Dungeon Siege III has arrived. Is Dungeon Siege III the dungeon crawler you’ve been waiting for? Or is this title better left on store shelves? Hit the break for our verdict.

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NYC_Gamer3440d ago

obsidian just makes bad games

xyxzor3440d ago

They take on too many projects.

PandaJenkins3440d ago

Obsidian are terrible. All they do is get the rights to other franchises then ruin them. Getting sick of people buying and supporting their shitty games. Dungeon Siege is just another franchise they have ruined for me :(

Series_IIa3440d ago

I enjoyed it... More story driven than its predecessors but it was still a good game overall

Pintheshadows3440d ago

I liked it as well but it is a little mindless.

madjedi3440d ago

How nice a review from an actual gamer than is expecting a real dungeon crawler game, not a casual gamer thanking the developer from dumbing down everything so they don't have to do any thinking for themselves.

And will rate it an 8 or higher, despite horrible design choices and lack of standard features for it's genre, but that's a casual gamer for you.