NBA Live 07 Hands-on

EA goes back to the drawing board. New images and blog update. What was fixed and wasent, plus full list of freestyle moves on the blog.

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rj815873d ago

I know it's been brought up before, but why can't framerate issues be ironed out? I know it's not a 360-specific problem. Many of the early PS3 games also have framerate issues. Saints Row, in addition to framerate problems, has significant tearing. I haven't heard a concrete reason why this is happening.

DG5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

think its what they do last anyway...that is a good question though. I never really noticed any framerate issues in 06 though. Hope they do fix that backboard problem cuz thats been there since like 96 yes 1996. Even so I can live with the animations and backboard if everything else is up to par. As long as the gameplay does not frustrate me to the point of stomping on the game and throwing it out the window.

rj815873d ago

I read an article where a mag asked a dev (forget which one) why framerate issues persist The dev said that there are only so much time and resources to go around (art, engine, marketing, programming). He said that working on the framework means not working on something else. When you think about it, it makes sense from their perspective. Take Saints Row. Spending $1 million to get voice talent will probably sell the game more than spending $1 million on better programming... which are only encountered after you play the game!

Microsoft Master5873d ago

NBA live? 3 words

Phenom195873d ago

i just hope the camera angles are like the 06 on the original xbx instead of the one on the 360, it really bothered me