New Characters for PS3 Enternal Sonata

PS3 owners, Bandai Namco is rewarding your patience. When the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata hits sometime next year, the game will feature new playable characters.

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vaan4868d ago

I'm buying this day one. Looked sweet to me on the 360, and I need the Japanese RPG's to start rolling in! Allot coming in 08!

Prismo_Fillusion4868d ago

Depending on when this comes out hopefully I'll have a PS3 by which case it's a must buy!

Hapimeses4868d ago

Yuppers, this looks like one for me. I'll decide closer to the release date after I've read a review or two.

DethWish4868d ago

Yer this looks like a really nice game tbh.. although the graphics looks almost like it could be done on the PS2

RadientFlux4868d ago

I definitely disagree... you have to see the game in motion to get a good sense on how well the graphics look, espically in HD.

RadientFlux4868d ago

Enternal Sonata was one of the best JRPG I've played in the last few years. While the plot can be pretty preaching at points it's does have deep storyline.

Looks like another great game for the PS3 next year

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