Pro Evolution Soccer '08: PlanetXbox360 Review

The player animations are top-notch, the fluid movement of every player is brilliant, and the physics of the ball play is a beauty to watch. It is far better then the dull drab movement you tend to get in FIFA '08. In FIFA the players seem to move against the controller in that you seem to pull them along the pitch but in PES '08 they move so freely it feels as if it takes no effort to have a top striker run the ball up the wing and take a shot from outside the box. It all just looks 'right'.

The gameplay is nothing short of brilliant! The stadiums and stadium effects such as flares, flags, banners, et cetera, are lacking when compared to FIFA, however, the game in its entirety is beautiful. 95% of the time you will be viewing the pitch and a select number of players moving around the ball depending on camera preference and how close or far away you view this field of play. This is where PES '08 really shines.

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HeartlesskizZ4867d ago

im having so much fun with the demo. Top player difficulty is pretty cool and challenging. cant wait to get the full game =)

jromao4867d ago

I played both demos, PS3 and 360 versions, PS3 demo released yesterday is better than 360 demo, seems they fixed the demo about the slowdowns, and PS3 full version soon will get the patch from Konami. Till then, for PS3 players, it's good to get game installed in HD and then turn OFF the Commentaries and BMG music, that will get problem "fixed" till update out.

The SAVE DATA (Option File) in PS3 also runs well in others machines, no lock of any kind.

360 version is good of course, only problem is the huge 360 controller.

wicked4866d ago

You must have little hands

bumnut4867d ago

why? its a console.

so you can install it in hd and sd?

sound stupid to me, consoles are made to just put the game in an play.

atke car4866d ago

i play PS3 version demo end it crap,it have slowdowns allot.
graphics are crap end everything about this game is crap.