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GrE writes, "The pages of gaming history are full of great, unbridled battles for market dominance. Children of the 90's will remember the epic feud between Sony and Nintendo, and the first-person shooter's first steps being fought out between Quake and Doom, while modern-day gaming has brought us the multimillion dollar battle of the band games between Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero. Arguably, however, one of gaming's most long-running rivalries is one that sometimes gets overlooked, probably because its evolution has been so subtle through its many, seemingly greedy yearly updates. I am of course talking about FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer..."

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bgrundman4299d ago

This game looks good, but just not as good a FIFA 10.

roblef4299d ago

Depends on your point of view, right?

roblef4299d ago

Solid review. Interesting to see the UK version of games competing with each other to be "THE" football game.

wondroushippo4299d ago

This is a fairly interesting review - I always thought that PES had the 'hardcore' edge, but maybe not?

bgrundman4299d ago

It used to be, but no so much anymore.

wondroushippo4299d ago

To some Americans, a fight between PES and FIFA is kind of like watching 2 teenage girls fight over something stupid.

Haly4299d ago

I'm glad to see the PES series getting stronger, it's about time. They used to be brilliant back in the original Xbox days.