Midway blames Wii shortages for slow software roll-out

Midway has has said that manufacturing delays of Nintendo's Wii has had a direct affect on the company's roll-out of software to support the machine.

In a conference call following the release of the company's Q3 financial results, vice president of publishing Miguel Iribarren said that products for the busy Christmas period have had longer lead times than necessary

"The demand for Wii product has put a pretty big strain on Nintendo's production capacity, and that has in turn, for us, turned into longer lead times for some of our Wii products," commented Iribarren.

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HeartlesskizZ4863d ago

A company blaming other is really not professional stuff.
If you want good sells, then provide good products with high quality simple as that.

ItsDubC4863d ago

I find this funny simply because despite Wii shortages, it is STILL the fastest-selling home console in history. If the fastest-selling console in history is still creating problems for Midway's software roll-out, then they need to re-evaluate their internal processes.

Bladestar4863d ago

ohh I get it... Midway is just trying to find excuses and trying to renew investors faith in their company.. first they promise PS3 will be the lead platform... then that they will make better PS3 games... and later that it's the wii's fault their games are not selling...
right... when was the last time or how many 3rd party game did super on a Nintendo platform since the N64? 3rd party developers know this... duhh... the wii already have a similar installbase than the xbox 360... what kind of installbase they want the wii to have before they start selling crappy games?

PS360WII4863d ago

heh so true. What with Ant Bully, Rampage, Happy Feet, Crusin, and Grim Adventures it's just crazy that those awesome games haven't sold... oh and Mortal Combat I suppose. Here's an idea make a game worth buying for the Wii Midway then you can blame the Wii for your bad profits.

Enigma_20994863d ago

So... they assume no one has a Wii sitting in their house?

What a crock...