Rumour: Sony Computer Ent Lost Chief Tech Officer?

Kotaku reports: "According to an insider, Sony Computer Entertainment platform development head Izumi Kawanishi has been shuffled out of the division. Kawanishi was key in the hardware development for the PS2, the PSP and the PS3, and he was the head of SCEI's Network System Development Section and R&D Division & was Sony Computer Entertainment's Chief Technical Officer."

"Kawanishi previously worked closely with PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi and was an important member of the PlayStation team. We wrote "was," because apparently he's been moved out of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. and is now working at Sony Corporation. According to our insider"

"This follows Hirai's recent statements that the PS3 is a "game machine" as the company tries to recapture the gaming audience it has lost. Perhaps, Kawanishi still thinks of the console as a "super computer" or a hub-in-the-home. Perhaps. We've contacted Sony about Kawanishi's current role, and will get back to you once we hear something."

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Gordii4868d ago

Change is always good^^ Out with the old and in with the new i say :)

Mr Marbles4868d ago

I have to agree with you, who ever the guys are that keep making all these bad decisions need to be fired, clearly Sony is having problems internally considering all the odd behavior, lay offs, sell offs, and conflicting info coming from the different divisions. They really need to get it together, if firings do the trick than so be it.

stonedog4868d ago

so the confused messages coming from Sony now make sense. Political in fighting is using up energy which should more properly be used to push the PS3 forward. Hopefully they now have a clear direction and will take the fight to M$.

Competition is good for gamers; M$ and Nintendo need competition to keep them honest, and to force them to keep the good games coming. Lets hope Sony now understands the imperative to compete.