Invizimals Dev-PS Vita "possibilities for creativity are endless"

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed an exclusive deal with Spanish development studio and Augmented Reality specialists, Novarama Technology who will develop some exciting ambitious projects for the Upcoming PSVITA.
Reality Fighters is already in good shape as a Launch title for PSVITA.

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shreeveera3440d ago

Lets hope for some great Exclusive deals soon. Invizimals sequel for PSVITA please!!!

sinncross3440d ago

especially after that dinosaur ar showing... invizimals Vita could be sweet

gustave1543439d ago

two life-sized dinosaurs fighting in my room? count me in xD

I_find_it_funny3439d ago

wonder what can they do besides kids games

shreeveera3440d ago

Exactly.Just looking at the PSVITA Hardware specs Invizimals can become a Stellar gaming experience on the Vita if the gorgeous OLED touchscreen and the Rear touch panel are put to good use.
Vita is already on my preorder this FALL.Hope we dont hear any last minute delays.

golsilva3440d ago

so wait, sony made exclusive deals with novarama to develop a certain number of playstation titles right? they didnt buy them out to make them a first part dev.

shreeveera3439d ago

They might eventually buy them once they show some promise with their launch titles probably just as they did with Media Molecule after their success with LittleBigPlanet!!

jujubee883439d ago

For the foreseeable future, Novarama will be publishing titles mostly under SCE publishing rights.

Specifically, Novarama will be making titles for the PS Vita and more than likely Novarama will be the main development team working with Sony to evolve the Augmented Reality genre on the Ps Vita.

The current and upcoming AR work from Novarama include Invizimals and Reality Fighters (tentative title):

geniusgamerdoc3439d ago

Im not very much impressed with the Reality Fighters though..Does anybody like it to be honest?

gustave1543439d ago

it looks like a fun ar game... you don't need to be impressed to have fun playing a game =)