Did Capcom Fool GameStop?

The whole concept and subsequent argument regarding secondhand video game sales seems like a moot point. Despite their obvious lack of support for the original publisher and developers, used games are a staple in the industry. Thus, plenty of companies have been entertaining the idea of eliminating the possibility for their games to be resold. Capcom is one such company who says their latest game's feature is no such indication of their attempt to prevent the game from being resold at stores like GameStop.

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flipmop443446d ago

Well I'm a used game fan and hope that used games keep getting sold

caseh3446d ago

Same here. At the same time though I can understand companies like Capcom wanting to stop their games being resold.

Game stores make the profit from initial sale of new games, then people trade them in and get a low trade in price for it, then it goes back on the shelf for twice the price it was traded in at.

The real winners these days appear to be store like Gamestation in the UK and Gamestop in the US not the developers.

Darth Stewie3446d ago

No Capcom are fools they overcharge for DLC this entire generation and this save data thing for Resi if it continues with more titles it will only bring more problems.