CD Projekt is working on PS3, The Witcher 3 in plans

CD Projekt co-founder Adam Kicinski confirmed during the meeting with shareholders that studio's PS3 division is already working, though PS3 port of The Witcher 2 was not confirmed. Also The Witcher 3 is planned for all three platforms as a simultaneous release.

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Kamikaze1353445d ago

This worries me. I hope they don't dumb down Witcher 3 because it's simultaneously launching on consoles.

I_find_it_funny3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I think there is nothing to worry about for PC enthusiasts

AntoineDcoolette3445d ago

Did anyone else find the grammar in that article impossible to understand?

b_one3445d ago

go play on superior PC edition dont troll about PC here :)

Pro_TactX3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

This article is in the PC section. Blame the submitter for PC enthusiasts commenting on it. Of course by "submitter" I mean the guy above you.

MaxXAttaxX3445d ago

evrfighter must be scratching his face off from the frustration of this game coming to consoles after all he said about Witcher 2 being a PC exclusive and bashing consoles LOL

Everything but MMO, RTS and simulation games are coming to consoles now. It's inevitable.

A change in graphics is all we need to enjoy games on our consoles.

b_one3445d ago

GT5 is somekind simulation :) MMO, Dust? its only begining :)

MaxXAttaxX3445d ago

Oh I know. I meant sims, RTS and MMOs that have been PC games, don't usually cross over.
But yeah, you're right. PS3 does have it's share of sim and MMO games.

Apollyn3445d ago

This is good news. As I've stated before CDP are my favorite devs this Gen along side ND. I just really hope that by doing multiplatform it doesn't make there work suffer as alot of devs stretch there resources to thin and stop excelling in one department but only become mediocore across the board.

bloodybutcher3445d ago

well,i dont have high hopes for ps3 port.tomasz gop from cd project said that they would want to do it but right now they are working on x360 version because they have people who already were working on titles for microsoft and that porting from pc to x is not difficult.but they are looking for good developer who would help them to make ps3 port.somehow i doubt they will find one.i remember first witcher being dropped from developing on consoles because of financial issues.

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