Sony to lose Formula One franchise exclusivity to EA?

Electronic Arts has just stroke a deal with Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton amounting to a whopping five million GBP or roughly around US$ 10.40 million. The publication added that the driver will be featured on "Xbox and PlayStations around the world next year."

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HeartlesskizZ4008d ago

I hope they dont want to messed this game because the ps3 F1 is great. I sure want to play the one coming for 360. F1 is so cool =)

bumnut4008d ago

imo the best f1 game as the one that releasesed with ps2, they have gone downhill from then.

i did not like the one on ps3, at all. everything about it was poor.

jromao4008d ago

...when Polyphony Digital build a F1 game with the GT5 engine.

Then we talk about it again.

Firewire4008d ago

Umm Sony had a partnership deal with F1 that expires this year, and Sony has already stated that it will not renew the agreement, because F1 is seeking a rather large increase in dollars for exclusivity & limited returns you can make on 1 F1 game a year.

If EA buys it up at an already inflated price, it would be rather stupid on their part. An F1 game once a year plus developing a title yearly along with the license fee's to F1 & drivers isn't a good investment at all.

gtgcoolkid4008d ago

Damn it. Can't EA leave one thing alone? The F1 game is awesome on the PS3. I can just predict this being a crap game now.

BubblesDAVERAGE4008d ago

Sony never tried to renew it....F1 games bite imo

Zhuk4008d ago

The last F1 game was pretty disappointing, if EA can do a better job let them have it. In a perfect world Geoff Crammond (of Grand Prix series for PC fame) would get the licence

WIIIS14008d ago

Yes, I downloaded the demo and it did not impress at all.

IdontTakeSides4008d ago

If ur talking about F1 Champion Edition ur wrong it was quite was a launch it didn't have alot of features but it was still good..

bumnut4008d ago

how can you say someone is wrong for having an opinion?

if everyone had the same opinion the world would be a pretty boring place.

if you enjoyed it, great. but let others has an opinion.

IdontTakeSides4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Because I highyly doubt he's ever been close to a how can he call a game dissapointing when he hasn't played it...what is he judging it off reviews which wasn't bad ..??

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The story is too old to be commented.