No Konami Code to help Resell Pro Evolution Soccer on PS3

Pro Evolution Soccer features a lock on your copy of PES08 to your console.

With sports games getting a new version every year, most tend to just go to GameStop with the last version and trade in for credit to help ease the cost on the new version, why Konami or Sony would try and stop that is really confusing.

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HeartlesskizZ4863d ago

I dont get it. so PES08 can only be played in one console?

unrealchris4863d ago

don't computer games do this so what the big deal im surprise people purchase sports game early in a consoles life they all stink same crap every year
they should just make one game and continue updating with download able content

wageslave4863d ago

No they dont do this. The keys are recoverable.

Konami is selling you one key, for one user / console combination only.

Its practically criminal. I expect their to be lawsuits over this eventually. Right-first-sale issues come into play, there are laws preventing Firms from stopping you from selling what you rightfully own.

Totally in-line with Sony's behaviour though... no surprise really.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

They are basicly making sure you're stuck with the game once you buy it.

Crap? Is this game that bad they think everyone will just want to sell it right away? And also remember no demo till after the game was released. Weird

socomnick4863d ago

So sony and konami are not allowing you to borrow the game with a friend. So the game wont work on a friends console.

Snukadaman4863d ago

This is just plain ridiculous...every console owner should understand that when we buy a game we should be able too sell it after or when we want too..this just kills gamestop for selling used games anymore...but whats weird is why just the ps3....

wageslave4863d ago

No, not really. Sony filed a patent some time ago to do this. At the time, I remmeber people being surprised -- and the usual flaming and apologies from Sony fans.

It is Sony's intention -- based on this game testing the waters, and this patent -- to undermine the used game market by preventing re-sales.

Zor4863d ago

Hey wageslave, can you point on the doll where the bad PS3 touched you? :D

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