Virtual spaceships sell for a total $26,500 in MMO

No, that's not a typo and no, this isn't an EVE Online story. Three virtual pirate motherships were told for a staggering total of $26,500 yesterday in Entropia Universe, an MMO developed by NEVERDIE Studios.

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Hellsvacancy3439d ago

Wtf? people are so stupid, do you know how much weed i could buy with 26k? alot, thats how much, and id put it to good imaginative/creative use

malamdra3439d ago

and imagine how much pussy

Guitarded3439d ago

Not sure who's more stupid, the owner of the "virtual" ships, the druggie, or the "john". I call it a toss up.

subtenko3439d ago

Reminds me of the I Am Rich iphone app that was $999.99 and 8 people bought it. then it was pulled from the store

BlackTar1873439d ago


A druggie and a Jon

Get over yourself dude

bwazy3439d ago

Sad sad day for humanity.

Ducky3439d ago

... I take it you aren't familiar with EVE?

coryok3439d ago

i need to start playing this game.

what do you do for a living? "oh not much, i build space ships"

and i wouldnt be lying ;)

Ser3439d ago

I can't wait to fight for those people in Dust

Ser3439d ago

You guys are disagreeing with the fact that I can't wait to play Dust 514? Silly disagree fairies.

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The story is too old to be commented.