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Charlie26884498d ago

For the PC I am looking forward to
-The Witcher
-FEAR Perseus mandate
-Hellgate London (Diablo fix direct to the vein :P)

and the "others" I am looking to get (only for my FPS addiction):
-Clive Barkers Jericho
-Blacksite: Area 51

Impact4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

a little off topic, I love pc gaming but I hate the constant hardware upgrades. I'm always finding myself purchasing hardware more then games for my PC which is a shame.

(most wanted)
Gears of War

I played the (Hellgate) beta, I'm a mmorpg fan and the performance with the game was a let down for me. and the immersion was almost nonexistent, to sum it up everything felt linear and the same to me.

(The Witcher) I'm currently downloading and looking forward to playing however.

fermcr4498d ago

Here are Box Arts of the pc games for November... it's in Portuguese (from Brazil) but you get the "picture" :)