Xenoblade Chronicles : official PAL release date & bundle

LiveWii writes : "Nintendo has just made an official statement to confirm that Xenoblade Chronicles will arrive on September, 2nd in Europe. A red Classic Controller Pro will be available at the same time."

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DarkCharizard_3443d ago

Cool.. May be game of the year :)

Titanz3443d ago

I'm buying this beautifully developed title.

Venox20083443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

now please Fatal frame IV, Last story, xenoblade, new play control Chibi robo, pandora's tower and Captain rainbow :)

jacksonmichael3443d ago

Very complete list. Pikmin 2 NPC is all I can really add.

tunaks13443d ago

I'm prob going to have to import this if NoA doesn't make any announcements, but dam importing Xenoblade and TLS from Europe is going to be expensive.

jacksonmichael3443d ago

A red classic controller? Anyone else want it to have some Xenoblade characters/logos a la Street Fighter controllers?