A brief look at ‘Xenoblade’ and its problematic writing of women

Popoptiq: Well, this is certainly a rabbit hole, isn’t it?

I love Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the best game on the Wii, bar none and probably the best RPG on the 3DS, unless I find Bravely Default to dethrone it, but that’s a hell of a bar to climb to. I could probably sit here for hours just raving about this game. However, as much as I like this game, it isn’t perfect.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adds Xenoblade's Pyra and Mythra, Watch the Trailer

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced the new fighters entering the ring in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Announced with a new trailer is Xenoblade’s Pyra and Mythra! Check out the trailer below which features gameplay, with the characters dropping this March!


Switch Port When?: 45 Games We Want to See on Nintendo's Sometimes Portable Console

This month marks the second anniversary of the Nintendo Switch. Ever since the console's reveal in early 2017, Nintendo's unique home and portable device has captivated millions. Since 2017, the Switch has seen evermore titles released for it, from both large studios to countless indie developers, thanks to Nintendo's "Nindies" push. The Switch quickly became so popular that any new promising game that gets announced without a Switch port immediately causes people to ask when the Switch version is coming.

Tigerblud1644d ago

I'll add Trails of Cold Steel and Danganronpa series.

flaming_scorpion1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

There’s actually rumors that Danganronpa 1+2 may be coming to Switch. That’d be hella dope

Neonridr1644d ago

because if Nintendo fans want any games they are port begging. If Sony fans want games like Bayonetta, it's common sense.

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1643d ago

WiiWareWave Feature Top 5: Memorable Antagonists of The Xeno Series

In this latest Feature We look at out Top 5 Bad guys of the Xenoblade Series. Don't forget to check out our earlier list Top 5 Protagonists of the Xenoblade Series.


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