Perfect 5/5 to Disgaea PSP from GameSpy

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with tactical RPGs of amazing caliber lately, PSP owners? That's a shame, because Atlus isn't cutting you a break with Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. A portable and enhanced version of one of the best, deepest tactical RPGs ever released, Afternoon of Darkness is just one more reason you'll never get around to reading on your commute.

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MK_Red4874d ago

Sadly I missed all the great previous games of this series on consoles but hopefully I can start with the new PSP one.

Douchebaggery4874d ago

but it's not for everybody

KidMakeshift4874d ago

But it fixes some problems that the original had while adding a bunch of extra content

ShiftyLookingCow4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

if I only I had known earlier I wouldn't have bought the PS2 version on ebay but FF Tactics is a sure buy and I will waiting for the two Star Ocean remakes next year(second story is way too expensive on ebay)

MK_Red4874d ago

True. Seriously, 2 superb Turn Based J-RPG/Strategy for PSP (FF Tactics and this) in such a short time.

nurayi4874d ago

dont forget jeanne d' arc. its 3 superb s-rpgs

ShiftyLookingCow4874d ago

DS is also getting its own share of RPGs, esp FF Tactics A2 and FF4 3d remake.

[email protected]4874d ago

My PSP need to get repair or a limited PSP from Crisis Core need to come over US next year.

Xemnas4874d ago

Got mine today playing it now O_o