Grind or Not to Grind?

'Having finally obtained a PS Vita and gained the ability to play PSP games, I have been able to try out the Disgaea series, something I have wanted to get into due to my love of other SRPGs like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. Having played for a few hours and after running into many difficult fights, I have noticed that the game is incredibly keen for players to grind. I mean, in a game where the level cap is 9999 and you can grind up weapons, armour and healing items to that level as well, you might as well package the game with a pepper mill and some wheat for the amount of time you’ll be spent grinding.'

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IanVanCheese3444d ago

Down with grind lol.

I don't play many JRPG's so I don't run into grind there much, but I'm an achievement whore and the grindy ones can go fuck themselves.

Drithe3444d ago

Wussy. You are not an nerd elite, a true rpg gamer.

WildArmed3444d ago

lol grinding isn't limited to JRPGs anymore.

Grinding for "level" / "prestige" / weapon unlocks/ skill or weapon upgrade / perks etc is common in almost all genres now.

randomass1713444d ago

I only grind if I'm having fun doing it. If I feel bored, I typically just put the controller down and do something else. Kingdom Hearts and Paper Mario 2 are both games I enjoyed grinding in. :)

3-4-53443d ago

* If I am into the game, and it has an appealing Art Style, + Good music + likeable characters, then I'm usually cool with grinding.

Grinding isn't really grinding when you are having a blast and completely "into" the game.

* I LOVED grinding in Dragon Quest 9, creating my own unique classes n such. It was a blast, but I loved that game.

Almost forgot.

The BATTLE SYSTEM HAS to be quick, otherwise it makes fighting tedious and feels like a chore and THEN it feels like grinding.

* Keep battles quick.

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amywelshcastle3444d ago

I don't mind a bit of a grind, but I hate when you have no chance advancing in a game unless you train for some ridiculous amount of time. It's just unnecessary.

Drithe3444d ago

We of the Ancient Order of Nerd Grinders find you a gamer wussy. You are not worthy.

WildArmed3444d ago

Agreed, some games have a too steep curve. Or sometimes require some skills to beat a certain boss. Grinding while getting around hunting for loots is A-OK in my book :)

randomass1713444d ago

Same here. A number of lower grade JRPGs tend to do that. I haven't played enough western RPGs to say the same about those though.

zero_gamer3444d ago

When I do excessive grinding on an RPG I turn on some music to make it less of a chore. Work for me to some extent.

WildArmed3444d ago

I think it's easier if you are a MMO-gamer.
I'm sure MMO-gamers have 0 issues w/ JRPG grinding. Truly amazing how MMO players can grind non-stop.

I used to play a lot of MMOs when I was in HS, but stopped afterwards. I don't think I could go back to any MMOs now.

randomass1713444d ago

Yeah, MMO grinding is another beast entirely, especially for MMOs without microtransactions. Gotta give those players a lot of credit. Games like that demand a LOT of time and patience.

HeavenlySnipes3444d ago

The reason I've put off FFXIII for so long

Once you reach Grand Pulse they expect you too stay there and grind because the enemies there are all significantly stronger than the ones you've faced leading up to that place

Problem is that I can't stand the battle system; with the unnecessary fragmentation of abilities (why aren't healing and buffer magic in the same paradigm? lol @ having to switch paradigms just to cast one spell) which can only be transitioned to after watching your party do their best Ginyu Force impression.

Count me out

WildArmed3444d ago

I actually finished the game w/o grinding. All my grinding was done post-game to beat the super bosses, so I maxed out my classes.

As long as you had a Sen-sen-MED Combo, almost all battles were manageable w/o grinding.

HeavenlySnipes3444d ago

Don't get me wrong, I could beat all the wolves and flans out in the plains, but the fact that it was a struggle implied to me that any upcoming boss battle would be hell....

and I wasn't about to spend the next hour or two going through redundant battle after redundant battle in this game just to become more powerful

WildArmed3444d ago

I see, fair enough. I remember in that part, it was indeed annoying.

Thou TBH, I liked having to struggle between tough enemies / bosses once in awhile.

Fullmetalevolust3444d ago

Usually, or at least to me, gameplay and the combat system will make me overlook the grinding aspect of JRPGs.

But I've found out long ago that I am a creature of habit, I love being beyond lvled up to crush my foes and those pesky bosses. Matter of fact, it's become now a habit to grind whenever I can.

randomass1713444d ago

Agreed. The RPGs that help you level up accordingly are my favorites. The first Kingdom Hearts didn't require an excessive amount of grinding for the main story enemies and the level up system seemed to work perfectly for your progression.

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