First direct-feed video of Xenoblade in English – over 4 minutes of footage

Check out the first direct-feed footage of Xenoblade in English.


Update: Added a slightly different video at the link which should correct and freezing issues while watching the video.

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Eizet3441d ago

Oh god! let this be a pathway to good rpgs on the way!

lastdual3441d ago

Awesome. And while I'm glad for the option of subs, I can actually see myself playing with these english voices. They're a little campy, but not terribly annoying. Nowhere near as bad as, say, Star Ocean 4...

Gregard3441d ago

Where did you see that there will be an option for subs? Are they leaving the Japanese voices in then? I didn't see anything about that! If so, awesome! I'm not really a fan of the English voices to be honest. And the British accent just sounds a bit weird for me for this particular game. Not that I have anything against the British accent, but it just doesn't seem to fit with this game, for me at least. I enjoyed it in games like Fable though! It was definitely the way to go!

lastdual3441d ago

There were a number of stories confirming the Japanese audio track earlier, such as this one:

Gregard3441d ago

@lastdual Awesome! Now I really can't wait! :) Thank you for that info! +bubs for you :)

iforgotmylogin3441d ago

Last story plz!!
the fps gate is on the hd twins
but the rpg gate is right here on the wii cant wait.

NeoBasch3441d ago

Just remember, Nintendo. There are many, myself included, who have boycotted all things Nintendo until NoA gets its head out of its ass and announces this for America. Quit leading us on and give us a straight answer!

jacksonmichael3441d ago

Do you really think they'll notice...?

NeoBasch3441d ago

Yes, there are a bunch of sites protesting in all sorts of different ways. They'll notice.

ChickeyCantor3441d ago

How cute...

Nintendo won't bother if it fails here. Same thing with Disaster day of crisis.

NeoBasch3441d ago

I have no idea what you're talking about. Nor do I think your comment is relevant. Admittedly, I was being lazy when I said a bunch of sites, but because you probably think it's a bunch of no-name sites:

IGN, GameSpot, 1UP, NeoGaf, GoNintendo, and EverythingNintendo (yes, the above site)

There's a bunch more but I can't remember the sites or forums, but if I remember right it is called Operation Rainfall.

ChickeyCantor3441d ago

Its still cute xD

Also lots of users there are actually on different sites simultaneously.
It could still be a minority =)

jacksonmichael3441d ago

Well yeah, I know about that... that really isn't what you're describing when you say boycott, though.

Warshade3441d ago

Possible to play with a free loader on an import?

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The story is too old to be commented.