Operation Flashpoint: Valley of Death DLC Trailer

Codemasters has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Valley of Death DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

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ASSASSYN 36o3440d ago

I bought this game on the cheap for $21 off a eBay win. It is the best $21 I spent. I hated how codemasters screwed us purchasers of dragon rising with the worst false advertisement I have ever seen. Red river doesn't redeem them but I will say it is very fun to play. Less weapons, and the only vehicle you can operate in red river are jeeps. But damn they made a good coop only game.

The AI is crap. They literally walk dead infront of you anytime you try to shoot your gun. The recent patch doesn't fix it. But they now tell you they are crossing you. Also the AI can physically push you, screwing your shots off. Luckily you can order them away from you. Don't pay full price for this game and you can forgive the reality of the crap I mentioned.

DirtyLary3439d ago

Any multiplayer versus? if so how is that... good review.

Jovahkiin3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I paid 50 euro so like 72 dollars for this game and feel it was well worth the price, needs more weapons and missions though.