Top Ten Nintendo 3DS Games...So Far (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): The Nintendo 3DS is three months old (at least in the U.S.), and the new system has a good collection of games across a variety of genres, from pummeling Street Fighters to petting kittens and puppies.

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firelogic3440d ago

2 lego games, nintendogs, ridge racer, and a couple n64 ports. FANTASTIC lineup.

iforgotmylogin3440d ago

the 3Ds lineup for the moment is kinda meh
less than 40 games i think

but q4 will change that.

and besides the ocarina of time has ppl joyus and happy the enthusiasm for a remake for a game thats 16 years old? games today dont make people feel like that.

the lineup will get better as time floats on.
once migration from ds to 3ds becomes 100% games will be spectacular.