Capcom Considering Resident Evil Wii U

With Nintendo slowly shifting its focus from the Wii to the Wii U, developers are starting to ponder just exactly what the new system is capable of. Capcom and the geniuses behind the Resident Evil series are becoming increasingly more intrigued by the prospect of RE on the Wii U and what they could do with it.

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ape0073440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

nintendo and resi, man this combination give chills___RESIDENT EVIL 4

fatstarr3439d ago

hopefully they make another test experiment outta nintendo make the next best resident evil them make a sequel on the next gen 720/ps4 and skip the wiiu. history repeats its self

but some sort of sequel to 4 that's not 5 would be awesome.

kesvalk3440d ago

they said the same about the wii... 2 on-rails shooters and lots of ports...

no, thank you...

Joegrine203439d ago

i need to knw when they said that

kesvalk3439d ago

then go search for it.