The Game Whisperer: Best Video Game Grunts (Goozernation)

The average video game hero will kill countless enemies to each boss they fight—peons, pawns, grunts, et cetera. In video games, these grunts can make the experience super fun or super boring, since you'll be killing dozens to hundreds of them most likely.

So in celebration of the creatures we like to kill most in games, here's a list some of the most favorite video game grunts.

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poopturd_mcgee3444d ago

prinnies are my favorite "grunts"

solar3444d ago

my two favs are the fat lil pink monsters from DOOM and head crabs from HL2. ugh!!!! gives me the willys thinging of their noises!!!

sykora3444d ago

Yeah, there are plenty of good evil things, but my subconscious blocks them out, like those things that burst out of the sacks in Resistance. Oh man!