54: Why Call of Duty Campaigns Are Crap

This article analyzes the single player campaign of Black Ops to explain the flaws in the general design of the narrative of first person shooters.

"In general, these games don’t work because they’re pointless, generic, and lacks a human touch. They actually really don’t have a narrative at all. It’s just a 4th of July theme park ride where the player gets to shoot stuff and watch things explode around them, while controlling the generic super soldier robot who have no character or background at all."

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DrRichtofen3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Not all CoD campaigns are crap I love CoD4! That game blew my mind when it came out.

rbrtchng3442d ago

I think it's because CoD4's story was instantly relatable like World War 2 stories. When they showed America being attacked at the heels of 9/11, the player feels the immediate understanding of this disaster scenario and the heroism comes through from this presumed depth. But since CoD4, the stories are fantasies or covert, which means there're no real outside background for the player to pull. And the games just don't provide it.

-Alpha3441d ago

Yeah but COD4 was stellar. The gameplay was tight, varied, and well paced. Even World at War had a really good campaign.

MW2 and Black Ops were average and not nearly as memorable, but when this gen started COD4 did something different, new, and fresh. Funny how all that's changed now

dangert123441d ago

WAW is the only campaign i rated

theonlylolking3441d ago

COD4 and WAW are my favorite campaigns in COD. Mw2 I think was almost as good as those two but was confusing at times. Black ops campaign is a piece of crap.

StanLee3441d ago

There are so many editorials about why Call of Duty is this or that and it seems like it's the cool thing to do, jump on the negativity bandwagon against a popular if admittedly, regurgitated franchise. You know what? No one really gives a fuck! We heard all the same things after Modern Warfare 2 and millions still ran out and bought Black Ops. Listen, face it, people love Call of Duty and they're not sheep. The game has a formula of instant gratification that appeals to many gamers.

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Kran3441d ago

As ridiculous as MW2's was, it wasnt that bad. It wasnt as bad as so many people think it was.

Fishy Fingers3441d ago

It's almost becoming generic to use the term 'generic' :/

TekoIie3441d ago

Black ops had a very suprising story which was unlike anything a COD game has ever done which was really refreshing for the franchise.

Also do we really need an article like this??? Its bad enough having people blindly support Battlefield 3 and bash COD just to look cool in the comments section....

FlashBack3441d ago

Yeah, I doubt that the Battlefield 3 campaign will be deep or interesting.

kaozgamer3441d ago

i kinda like cod 4 and cod mw2 campaigns. the only reason im gonna buy mw3.(then after finishing campaign i am definitely gonna sell it lol)

Der_Kommandant3441d ago

Only few can stand a 4 hour Michel Bay movie

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