Notch Updates Minecraft Fans on New Patches, Official Release

Good news Minecraft fans, Minecraft patch 1.7 is quickly coming on the horizon. While 1.7 figures to be a small update, there is even bigger news is just around the corner, including some interesting news from Notch on the official Minecraft release.

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ares21al3440d ago

I heard this is coming to the Xbox 360

aaaaaaaaa3440d ago

your hearing is just fine

Cwalk8163440d ago

I'm waiting for a way to mine underwater, when that time comes I shall build atlantis.

TheFodi3440d ago

More Minecraft is never a bad thing.

DangerousDanMcGrew3440d ago

Wonder if this will actually ever get out of beta.

flipmop443440d ago

Minecraft is one of those strange games that u just get addicted to.