'GoldenEye Reloaded' domain registered, could be for Playstation Move

SystemLink, "I've always found it odd that the Bond series of video games is rather overlooked. You've got a superb template for action and adventure, with a universally recognized hero at your fingertips - it should be a no brainer. Unfortunatly, it seems the only avenue Activision can think of is GoldenEye. Again."

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PhilipLarkin3443d ago

Another? Alright, I guess. As long as the make this one a proper remake..

WhiteLightning3443d ago

With Pierce Brosnan's Bond :)

EYEamNUMBER13442d ago

they can't do pierce bond why do you think the wii version had the new bond

using the old one would just violate the whole licensing thing all over again

at best i bet anything its an HD version of that wii golden eye

WhiteLightning3442d ago

Well I'm hoping they'll work around it some how. You can't do a remake on "Goldeneye" which featured Brosnan's bond and replace him with Daniel Craig's bond who in his Bond films takes the more serious approach instead of using gadgets and one liners.

It's what made the N64's Goldeneye...Goldeneye and just one the many many things which made it so great. It was kind of like a film tie in that didn't suck.

Lord_Sloth3442d ago

Daniel Craig sucks. Brosnan is the greatest Bond that ever lived!

EYEamNUMBER13442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

the whole reason they were able to make golden eye on the wii is because it was so different from the original N64 version

they actually can't make it too similar to the N64 version that would actually violate the whole licensing thing

golden eye on the wii wasn't even really golden eye on the N64 it shares the same name but the 2 games are VERY and i mean VERY different its not really a remake more of a reimagining that is how they were able to get away with it

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Rampaged Death3442d ago

The Wii version was brilliant. Didn't you play it ?

BakedGoods3442d ago

I cleared the Wii version. It was fun--for a Wii game. To be competitive in the PS3 market they'll really need to step it up.

DeadlyFire3442d ago

Wii U exclusive?

There is a bond title already in the works that is not Goldeneye I don't believe. I believe this points towards a Wii U exclusive Goldeneye game on HD graphics. I could be wrong though.

Rampaged Death3442d ago

I'm hoping it's a 3DS game.

Rocket Sauce3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I'd be pretty hyped if it was a re-release of the REAL Goldeneye on n64...but I know it's not.


tigertron3442d ago

If you're going to make a Goldeneye, make sure it stays true to the source material i.e. NOT changing Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig; and most importantly, make sure its GOOD. I hear the Wii version was good, but they changed Brosnan, and I believe other parts were different too?