Dylan Jobe: Warhawk v1.1 update tomorrow

Dylan Jobe: "FINALLY! -- and Yes...I realize this was a loooong time coming :-P We are going to be globally deploying the v1.1 during an extended maintenance window Friday, November 2nd between 5am and 9am Pacific. To recap, here are the items addressed by the patch:

* Stat database stability improvements
* Improved server stability
* Max Clan limit changed from 32 to 64
* Viral Rank-up bug fixed and correct for players that were accidentally ranked up.
* "Time-in-Vehicle" Stats fixed so certain awards can now be granted properly.

and more.....

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tethered4866d ago

*Significantly improved client connection stability

I might start playing again.

gamesR4fun4866d ago

yep and this is suppose to fix the worst of the glitching.
Cant wait to see it friday.

d3l33t4866d ago

some people said they could download it right nkow

Maddens Raiders4866d ago

WarHawk is fun.

Upgrades help to make it nearly "essential".

SmokeyMcBear4866d ago

just keep them servers up and running maddens.. good times

wangdiddy824866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

bad a$$ game.. Cant wait for the new map lay outs.. Hopefully they will make complete whole new maps.. That would be sweet.. Im too good on all the maps now.. I make other gamers look bad..

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The story is too old to be commented.