Xenoblade Chronicles' localization efforts reach Monolithsoft, Mistwalker

After massive amounts of pre-orders propelled Xenoblade to the #1 overall video game on Amazon, the developers behind The Last Story and Xenoblade have taken notice of the fan campaign, known as "Operation Rainfall."

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Sidology3442d ago

It is good news, indeed.

The Last Story is one of those games that NEEDS to come out in the US. Along with Xenoblade.

Desert Turtle3442d ago

I've been watching more videos of Xenoblade's overworld lately. Such a beautiful game.

8bit_Nes_Rambo3442d ago

Indeed. I can't believe they were able to pull off such technical wizardry on essentially Gamecube architecture. The draw distance alone is sick.

RoboSpiff3442d ago

i need both of those games.

Lavalamp3442d ago

I love it when gamers pull together to let their voice be heard. Here's hoping we get these awesome titles.

Spenok3442d ago

Whoever disagreed with you needs to go back to his hole.

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