Knightofelemia929d ago

I know it's not a Wii title but it can be played on the Wii I want the Metroid Prime games on the Switch I have never played them.

darthv72929d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing a conduit compilation on the switch.

Yi-Long928d ago

Would like to see MadWorld getting a proper new release.


Best Early Black Friday US Deals - Nintendo Switch Games

The Early Black Friday US deals for Nintendo games are quite impressive. From Pokemon to Fire Emblem, here are some awesome sales.

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BrainSyphoned315d ago

Yup, looks like Nintendo "sales" pricing.


Amazon Slashes Up To 63% Off On Select AAA Games

Daily Video Game writes: "For a limited time, Amazon is running a new game sale that features a bunch of select AAA titles with steep discounts for multiple gaming platforms right now, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!"

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Amazon Slashes Up To 79% Off On Several Action Adventure, Fighting, RPG & Simulation Games

Daily Video Game writes: "There are plenty of new games going on sale at Amazon that offer step discounts on a wide range of action-adventure, fighting, RPG, and simulation games across multiple gaming platforms right now!"

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