ThoseGamingNerds: Transformers Dark of The Moon Review

Transformers: Dark of The Moon is the third movie tie-in game for the movie franchise, except this time the game is developed by High Moon Studios, who a year ago released what can easily be considered one of the best Transformers games ever made War for Cybertron. But, the same mechanics as War for Cybertron weren't enough for this game to be on par with it. Most movie tie-in games aren't worth picking up and playing, let alone buying. Transformers: Dark of The Moon however does a good job at showing that movie games can be good and worth playing. The game takes place three years after Revenge of The Fallen and is a prequel to the upcoming summer film sharing the same title.

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Lionalliance3441d ago

huh, didn't expect this game to get favorable reviews.


Its not that bad, its enjoyable if your a fan of TF but apart from that stay away.