Does Batman Arkham City need 3D support?

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition featured TriOviz 3D support using cardboard glasses. Does Arkham City need to embrace 3D as well?

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Tompkins2672d ago

Not really, but those who have 3D TVs would greatly benefit from it. I'd say go for it, just in case 3D doubters decide to get a 3DTV.

shades722672d ago

FYI AA had cardboard glasses which required no 3D TV.

I think for Sony having a top game like this support 3D is a must as it will aid in shifting those 24" TV sets. The last thing Sony needs is for consumers to feel that the investment is a waste.

Ranshak2672d ago

But it does have 3D support.. Its on the PC. Just like majority of the games out there.

It only does everything.

Substance1012672d ago

Any one serious about 3D should be looking to build a gaming PC. 1080p 3D, 60fps with AA its all there, with over 500 titles currently playable in 3D, PC is easily the system to get for those interested in 3D.

pr0digyZA2672d ago

I played AA with 3D and physX so I hope they don't remove those things from the sequel.

bumnut2672d ago

Me too, it looked great in 3D especially when batman was ripping the cover off the vents causing the screws to fly out of the screen.

JewyMcJew2672d ago

True PC is better. But for most gamers, the question is "is it $1200 better?"

Substance1012672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Dont need to spend 1200usd on a PC to run 3D. 600-700usd will be more then enough.

Graphics technology in the last few years has progressed so fast while games simply havent scaled. which is why cheap midrange(150-200usd) gpus of today can handle 3d 1080p very easily.

Also dont forget PC version of every game bought is cheaper, which more then makes PC the cheapest platform to game on. Games go on Steam or D2D discount very soon after launch after which it can be had for less then half of console prices, if you are a hardcore gamer that adds very quickly.

As an example dead space 2 can currently be bought on pc for 14usd on D2D:

You wont get those prices on console.

halocursed2672d ago

I'm not really into this 3D fad

contra1572672d ago

3D is such a waste for your eyes

jony_dols2672d ago

I have a 3DTV and I personally think 3D gaming is great.
Adding 3D isn't that time consuming or expensive for developers, hell even Virtua Tennis 4 had a 3D option implemented in it.

I hope Arkham City has some sort of 3D option in it, but I'll be getting it either way regardless.

GunofthePatriots2672d ago

I don't see why not. I personally don't think it NEEDS 3d support but it wouldnt hurt to add it.
As long as it doesn't interfere with the development of the game.

PROJECTbadass2672d ago

it doesnt NEED it ,but i hope it gets 3d support. i have had a 3d tv for about 2 months and it pretty awesome, but its just a little short on content. the more, the better.

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The story is too old to be commented.