PS3UK Review: Clive Barker's Jericho - 5/10

Clive Barker has made some good horrors, but Jericho is not one of them. Clive Barker has written some amazing horror movies as well as produced and directed them, his most famous being Candyman and Hellraiser. Considering his past work, we expected Jericho to be scarier than the first play through of Silent Hill 1 when we were 10. Sadly, it wasn't. The game starts out quite well by throwing you into the middle of a desert with ancient ruins and a strange tornado. You walk around for a while in your team leader Ross who is equipped with a nicely chosen G36c rifle until monsters run out in front of you and start attacking you. Considering this was written by an experienced horror writer, we were expecting a dark and creepy introduction and the first enemy encounter to be pretty horrifying. This was the first let down of many.

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wangdiddy824866d ago

was ok but i wouldnt waste my money on this game.. To many good games coming out..