Game Daily: Jericho: 5/10 for 360, 8/10 for PC

Whenever there's an impending apocalypse of biblical proportions, the elite Jericho Squad gets sent to wade through four-inch pools of blood and (literally) exorcise the evil. Armed with supernatural powers and high caliber weapons, Jericho must investigate a hot spot in the Middle-East, where an ancient evil threatens to rise again. But due to unforeseen circumstances, their leader (Ross) gets a permanent out-of-body experience, and his soul must possess his teammates in order to proceed. So begins Clive Barker's Jericho, quite possibly one of the most disturbing and gruesome horror games on the market today.

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ktchong4881d ago

Ah... now I see why the scores are so drastically difference.

shmee4881d ago

then ofocurse the PC version would look much better than console versions. theres no arguing

ktchong4881d ago

it's the control, AI, and long load that's causing this game to get very low scores on consoles.

ChaosKnight4881d ago

What the heck? Reading both reviews (two different writers btw)... it just sounds like a matter of opinion because from the looks of it, there isn't really anything different gameplay-wise from the console versions and PC version. (console reviewer said that characters weren't unique; shooting felt mindless; and he hates the RE4 style of quick thinking)

Captain Tuttle4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

That's exactly what I got from it...2 different opinions.

aaquib54881d ago

Say it aint so! But, unlike PS3, this story won't blow up with everyone going HA HA 360 SUCKS. But when 1 reviewer says PS3's framerate drops slightly, all the 360 boys are jumping up and down with their master chief helmets while they try to justify their purchase.

Charlie26884881d ago

Well if you are a PC gamer and/or FPS fan you might want to get this game even if its not ULTRA mega good...remember the PC version is only 40 bucks

I liked the demo and a game for 40 bucks is not bad at ALL

squallsoft4881d ago

first, @aaquib5, this doesnt need to turn into a flame war/whine session.

second, it will be interesting to see if this is a trend or a fluke. i personally think that FPS's are superior on the PC if not just for the reason that the Mouse and keyboard setup is alot more accurate and intuitive than a gamepad.

third, it will also be interesting to see how the PS3 version stands up to the PC version and 360 version as well...

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