The Fright List: 7 Terrifying Games For Halloween

GamerU is a horror fanatic, so for me October is a full 31 days of terror filled to the brim with nothing but scary movies, creepy books, and gore-splattered video games. For those who prefer to keep their fright contained to one single evening however, there's no shortage of excellent horror games covering just about every genre that will fit right in with your Halloween festivities.


Hidden Gem Android Games: The Best Android Games You Never Heard Of

Looking for some hidden gems to tell your friends about. Here is a list of 15 of the best hidden gem Android games you've never heard of.

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A Look at the Best Horror Games of All Time, From the Past and Present

Enter a world of terror and darkness with this list comprising the best horror games of all time, featuring old and new titles.

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Kaii138d ago

Bioshock 1 only has the intro though, would you kindly pick up that radio? :p

Levii_92138d ago

Original FEAR is a goddamn masterpiece

oIMyersIo138d ago

Was playing Alien: Isolation again a few weeks ago, still holds up and the AI is incredible.

F.E.A.R. was another amazing game, shame the series went downhill with 2 and then fell off entirely with F3AR.

Couldn’t get into Fatal Frame, bought the remaster on PS5 and just…couldn’t.

DeathTouch138d ago

Fatal Frame 2 is an underrated masterpiece.

gold_drake138d ago

omg that game freaked me out haha

Abnor_Mal137d ago

One of my favorite games, would love to see a remake.

gold_drake138d ago

i still think Haunting Ground is one of the best.

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Why Alien: Isolation Deserves A Sequel

Isolation still holds up remarkably well almost a decade on, and with a survival horror renaissance currently underway, it'd be a shame to waste the opportunity to do something new.

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aaronlif10181d ago

This. I want a sequel too but this game absolutely needs a psvr2 version. I'd jump on that quick. I tried the vr mod on pc, which is flawed but still gives an idea of what it would be like in VR (amazing)

DazaMc181d ago

A PSVR 2 port would be amazing.

Sciurus_vulgaris181d ago

In a hypothetical sequel, the player could be in a more open environment while being hunted by a Queen Alien. Xenomorph drones could be killed by player if you had the resources to do so or by luring them into traps.